Partnership defines us.
Since 1908 when Baillie Gifford was founded as an investment partnership, the firm has been wholly owned by the people who invest for and look after our clients.

Through each successive generation of partners, our singular focus on generating superior long-term investment results for our clients has been the bedrock of our own growth.
Partnership makes us different.
It allows us to put our clients' needs first rather than dance to the tune of external shareholders.

It brings stability and a long-term time frame to everything that we do in our business, whether choosing the best investments for our clients' portfolios or continually investing in the firm and developing our people.
Partnership makes us independent.
It also brings independence, allowing us to be truly active investors. Our portfolios are shaped by where the best investment opportunities lie, rather than where the index dictates.

Partnership challenges us.
It encourages personal responsibility, creating a strong culture of questioning, debate and respectful trust in which the finest investment minds are nurtured and thrive.

The Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, David Hume, once said that “Truth springs from arguments amongst friends”. We couldn’t agree more.