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    Irish UCITS (26/03/2019) Factsheet KIID Cost Disclosure Class Inc / Acc Currency NAV Per Share % Change
    Worldwide Discovery Fund View View B ACC EUR 14.7655 0.89%
    View View View B ACC USD 13.9855 0.86%
    View F ACC USD 14.0669 0.86%
    View F ACC GBP 10.1190 0.65%
    View F ACC EUR 11.0846 0.89%
    Worldwide Emerging Markets Bond Fund View View B ACC EUR 10.0996 0.30%
    View View View B ACC USD 10.0253 0.28%
    View F ACC USD 9.8235 0.28%
    Worldwide Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund View View B ACC EUR 13.7406 0.65%
    View View View B ACC USD 14.1503 0.63%
    View C ACC JPY 1860.8621 0.78%
    Worldwide Global Credit Fund View View View B ACC USD 11.8159 0.21%
    View C ACC USD 14.6739 0.21%
    View B* INC EUR 9.8277 0.20%
    View C* ACC GBP 14.0892 0.20%
    View B* ACC EUR 10.8956 0.20%
    Worldwide Global Stewardship Select Fund View View B ACC EUR 9.7242 0.27%
    View View View B ACC USD 9.5170 0.25%
    View F ACC GBP 9.2572 0.04%
    Worldwide Japanese Fund View A ACC EUR 10.9514 2.19%
    View A ACC SEK 102.2207 2.22%
    View B ACC GBP 9.3493 1.96%
    View View B ACC EUR 12.6125 2.19%
    View View B ACC JPY 1551.0112 2.33%
    View View View B ACC USD 13.0936 2.17%
    View B INC GBP 9.3988 1.96%
    View B INC EUR 9.6993 2.19%
    View C ACC GBP 18.7843 1.96%
    View C ACC USD 12.2418 2.17%
    View B* ACC GBP 10.0939 2.33%
    View B* ACC EUR 11.1359 2.32%
    View B* ACC USD 11.9913 2.33%
    Worldwide Long Term Global Growth Fund View View B ACC EUR 16.1564 0.14%
    View View View B ACC USD 16.6893 0.11%
    View C ACC JPY 1063.8315 0.27%
    View F ACC USD 13.1633 0.12%
    View F ACC GBP 10.7126 -0.09%
    Worldwide Pan-European Fund View View B ACC EUR 15.8741 0.17%
    View View View B ACC USD 13.4023 0.15%
    View B ACC GBP 9.7454 -0.06%
    View C ACC GBP 10.9398 -0.06%
    View F ACC EUR 10.1965 0.17%
    View F ACC USD 10.7298 0.15%
    Worldwide Positive Change Fund View B ACC EUR 10.5401 -0.26%
    View View B ACC USD 10.0342 -0.29%
    View C ACC AUD 10.7962 -0.79%
    View F ACC USD 9.9050 -0.28%
    View F ACC EUR 10.0260 -0.26%
    View F ACC AUD 10.7843 -0.79%
    Worldwide US Equity Growth Fund View View B ACC EUR 15.1555 0.19%
    View View View B ACC USD 16.0704 0.17%
    View C ACC GBP 35.1580 -0.04%
    View F ACC USD 11.5809 0.17%