1. By investing in Positive Change, you are investing in companies that are contributing towards a more sustainable and inclusive world.

  2. In 2021, via the provision of products and services, companies in the portfolio helped to deliver a range of positive outcomes.

    Enter an amount below to get an indication of what your share of these positive outcomes would have been, had you invested in companies in the portfolio last year.


    The Positive Change Impact Indicator should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular investment and should not be taken as statement of fact nor should any reliance be placed on it when making investment decisions. The Positive Change Impact Indicator is based on historic information and provides an indication of the estimated impact benefit of investing in the portfolio, therefore it should not relied upon a projection of future impact benefit. Impact data is susceptible to inconsistencies. To understand how these figures are calculated and how they relate to your investment, please see our notes below or our full methodology paper.

    Whilst the Positive Change Impact Indicator provides investors with an indication of the estimated impact benefit of their investment it is no substitute for reading the full Positive Change Impact Report, which provides a detailed narrative of the benefits that each company in the company delivers. You can access this here.

    Avoided 0
    metric tons of
    CO₂e, equivalent of

    0 passenger
    cars off the

    Provided access
    to education
    and/or training to

    0 registered

    Contributed to
    the delivery

    0 vaccines

    Contributed to
    healthier lifestyles

    0 people

    Saved a total of

    litres of

    Provided access to
    financial services
    to at least

    0 people

    Provided access to online marketplaces for over

    0 merchants

    Provided treatment and disease management solutions to

    0 patients

    Helped farmers
    engage in better
    farming practices on

    0 hectares
    of land

    Facilitated telehealth visits for close to

    0 people


    0 borrowers


    people to send, save and spend money on healthcare services
    • Contributions are based on the full year impact of portfolio holdings as at 31 December 2021. For those holdings that have been in the portfolio for less than the full year, no attempt has been made to pro-rate the contribution. However, as we have a long time horizon and aim to invest in our holdings for 5-10 years or longer, portfolio turnover is low.
    • Headline Impact Data, while providing an indication of the impact of the portfolio, is vulnerable to inconsistencies. These can be caused by underlying assumptions. How companies measure, and report is not always uniform and, in some cases, requires conversion to allow for aggregation across the portfolio.
    • Where information is not available we do not include a company’s contribution within the Headline Impact Data snapshot; as such, we believe this provides a conservative estimate. In time we hope to be able to encourage companies to increase their reporting.
    • Data for CO2e saved is based on company reporting which is either in CO2 or CO2e; the aggregate data is presented as CO2e as this is the most conservative approach.
    • Data related to healthier lifestyles, healthcare services, including treatment and disease management, and instruments for scientific research are presented to date, covering multiple years.