1. Our aim with community engagement is to support initiatives where we can truly make a difference. As a result, we support a broad range of initiatives, from sponsoring museum exhibitions to working with mental health and education charities.

  2. We are happy to hear from charities who are looking for support, so please feel free to get in touch if your organisation is making a difference, and you think Baillie Gifford could help.

    We predominately support charities working in Scotland, where we are headquartered. Our support is purely philanthropic, so we are not looking for any marketing or PR benefits. We do not support conferences or one-off events and prefer to support long-term projects making a difference.

    If you would like to get in touch to discuss your charity, please contact philanthropy@bailliegifford.com. Before you contact us, please look at the questions below, which outlines the information we need to consider a proposal:

    Why are you requesting a donation? Please tell us more about the initiative, your aims and ambitions, and why it needs support.

    What level of donation are you looking for? Please be clear in asking what financial support you need, and how you have arrived at that figure.

    Who are your beneficiaries, and how will your initiative help them? We are keen to support projects that support our local communities.

    Do you have any other funding for this initiative? We prefer to fund activity with multiple income sources, and not be the only funder for the project.

    Is your initiative sustainable? What is the long-term plan for your initiative, and is there a strategy in place to fund this in the future?

    Our preference is to receive a brief summary of your initiative and an indication of the level of funding you are looking for. If you would like to share a proposal, please ensure it is no more than 4 (A4) pages long, including a budget.

    Before you submit an enquiry or proposal, it’s worth reading our Introduction to Philanthropy, which gives an overview of our approach and why we give.