1. Objective

    The Diversified Growth Fund aims to achieve (after deduction of costs): an annualised return over five years that is at least 3.5% more than UK Base Rate, a positive return over three-year periods and annualised volatility of returns below 10%. There is no guarantee that a positive return will be achieved over three year periods, or any time period, and capital may be at risk. The manager believes this is an appropriate benchmark given the investment policy of the Fund and the approach taken by the manager when investing.

    The value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up and you or your client may not get back the amount originally invested.
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  4. Key Information

    Launch Date 22 December 2008
    The Investment Association Sector Specialist
    XD Date Last day of June and December each year
    Distribution Second last business day of each month
    Pricing Valuation point 10am daily, swinging single price
    Dealing in the Fund In light of the current market conditions, we have introduced a threshold for daily net inflows and outflows of money into or out of the Fund. If this threshold is exceeded, we will increase the dilution adjustment to reflect the increased dealing costs incurred by the Fund as a result of these larger inflows and outflows.

    Please bear in mind that past performance is not a guide to future performance.

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    In markets seduced by complexity, we believe in keeping things simple. We invest in what we believe to be the most competitive, innovative and efficient growth companies.
  6. Investment Choice and Charges

    Share Class ISIN Number SEDOL Number Min. Investment Min. Top Up Ongoing Charges* Initial Charge
    B Inc GB00B3FD0V53 B3FD0V5 £1,000 no minimum 0.77% 0%
    B Acc GB00B3FD0Z91 B3FD0Z9 £1,000 no minimum 0.77% 0%

    * Interim figures as at 30/06/2019

    A further explanation of all the charges and costs relating to this Fund can be found in the Enhanced Disclosure of Fund Charges and Costs document.