1. Baillie Gifford has a long history of investing in Japanese Equities, having launched the Japan Trust in 1981. The team benefits from stability and over a hundred years of aggregate experience investing in Japanese markets. The team has nine investment managers, assisted by one analyst, all of whom have fundamental company research as their primary role. The team is supported by a dedicated ESG analyst and two investment specialists

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  3. Japanese Equities
    Philosophy & Process
    We are bottom-up, growth orientated, long-term investors. We back our judgement, running concentrated portfolios with relatively low turnover. We aim to add value through the use of proprietary, fundamental research, which prioritises the selection of individually attractive companies, rather than taking top-down industry bets.
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  5. Japanese Equities Strategies

     Strategy Stock Range Manager(s) Minimum Market Cap Launch Date
    Japan Growth 35-55

    Donald Farquharson

    Tolibjon Tursnov
    >Y200bn 2009
    Japan All Cap 45-65 Matthew Brett >Y100bn 1984
    Japan Income Growth 45-65

    Matthew Brett

    Karen See

    >Y75bn 2016
    Japan Smaller Companies 40-80 Praveen Kumar Targeting 50-150bn 1983


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