1. Our Stewardship Approach

    Clients trust us to oversee and manage their investments for the long-term. Stewardship of their holdings is a core part of this commitment. Our approach is framed around five core stewardship principles:

    1. Prioritisation of long-term value creation 
    2. A constructive and purposeful board 
    3. Long-term focused remuneration with stretching targets 
    4. Fair treatment of stakeholders 
    5. Sustainable business practices 

    We apply our approach to stewardship across all companies that we invest in on behalf of our clients, including global equities and other relevant asset classes. We are signatories to five stewardship codes spanning the globe:

    1. UK Stewardship Code
    2. Japan’s Stewardship Code
    3. Investor Stewardship Group (ISG) Principles
    4. European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA) Stewardship Code
    5. International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Principles

    These codes allow us to provide evidence of our commitment to active ownership in a manner appropriate to the markets we invest in. As part of our commitment to these Codes we produce an Investment Stewardship Activities Report annually which demonstrates our adherence to the principles within these Codes. The report is provided to the relevant Boards as part of their oversight of the commitment towards these codes.

    From Universal Rights to Global Goals

    It has never been more important for individuals, business and governments to meet the huge challenge of sustainable development. More and more firms are cutting back on their carbon footprint and use of plastic, and shareholders are challenging companies on pay and governance. But this hasn’t happened overnight. It has evolved over a remarkable 75-year period of human development.

    From Universal Rights to Global Goals takes a closer look at how we’ve got here and where we go next, while the accompanying film (below) focuses on a number of major corporate scandals and the profound changes they have instigated.

  2. Literature