1. We are long-term and active. We make investments based on extensive research and experience. Then we hold them for years, sometimes decades.

    We aim to deliver strong returns for our clients. But our choices also affect people and the planet. We take that responsibility seriously. Not just because it’s right to do so, but because it makes us better investors.

    Understanding the environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials of investments deepens our insight. There’s no such thing as a perfect company or portfolio. But, in the long run, we think businesses that treat society fairly and operate sustainably have more attractive growth prospects.

    Integrating this analysis into our decision making is not straightforward. It takes time, resources and patience. You cannot reduce it to a single score or rule of thumb. We aim for thoughtful analysis and conversations with company leaders where they matter most.

    Ultimately, we hope to provide superior returns for our clients and to support society and the environment for years to come.

    Catherine Flockhart, Head of ESG, Baillie Gifford


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