1. We think about the evolution of our portfolio companies over a similar time horizon to their founders.

    We care about and engage on long-term strategic issues, focusing on the future development and evolution of the business rather than fixating on short-term fluctuations. This enables a highly aligned and empathetic relationship with founders.

    Structural alignment then comes from the pools of long-term capital that enable us to put this philosophy into practice. We believe this is a significant differentiator from our peers.

    We take minority financial stakes in companies and help founders focus on the next stage of growth.

    At the time of our initial investment, founders are no longer looking for the operational support that early-stage Venture Capital firms typically offer. Founders want to partner with an investor who helps them focus on the long-term development and evolution of their business by providing support as they navigate the challenges of managing a growing organisation towards IPO and beyond.

    Baillie Gifford manages significant amounts of capital in public market investments for its clients and regularly invests in IPOs.

    By partnering with Baillie Gifford as a private investor, companies can find an investor for life in the public markets, maximising the chances of a successful IPO at a time that suits them. Our public equity teams can allocate significant amounts of capital at IPO, giving founders continuous relationships and stability as they enter the public markets.