1. Overview

    Who we are is as important as what we do. We bring you an experienced team of passionate, questioning investors completely focused on delivering long-term returns. That’s our edge; these are our capabilities. 

  2. Equities

    In markets seduced by complexity, we believe in keeping things simple. Wherever you ask us to invest, we will invest in what we believe to be the most competitive, innovative and efficient growth companies. Over a century of global investment experience has taught us that patience is vital, so we build long-term, committed portfolios that aim to anticipate the next decade, not the next quarter. Most importantly, we love what we do and we don’t invest by rote or by numbers alone. Whether a potential investment hails from Anchorage or Almaty, our analysts conduct rigorous, qualitative fundamental analysis to determine whether to invest. We know that the equity markets won’t always agree with us and that’s okay; it’s more profitable to lead than to follow and we never stop questioning or challenging the status quo.

    Multi Asset

    We don’t believe in limiting our investment opportunities. Listed equities, property, high yield credit, commodities, emerging market government bonds and insurance linked securities – these are just some of the asset classes we invest in. It is our core belief that diversifying across asset classes can reduce risk without significantly reducing returns. Maximising our investment opportunities raises the likelihood of finding individually attractive asset classes and also helps us to achieve a balanced and well-diversified portfolio. We focus only on absolute risk and absolute return, considering an asset class for its ability to enhance returns or reduce volatility. We offer our clients access to a broad mix of asset classes through the convenience of a single actively-managed portfolio.

    Fixed Income

    We are different. We are truly active investors, looking to construct focused portfolios of long-term investments. With a global opportunity set, we invest in government bonds and currencies, emerging market bonds, investment grade and high yield. Our highly experienced investors undertake rigorous proprietary analysis focused on fundamental investment characteristics to identify attractive opportunities around the world. We recognise that the asymmetric nature of bonds, with capped upside, makes risk management key to achieving our investment objective and it is integral to our approach.

  3. Mosaic pictures
    We actively manage specialist equity, fixed income and multi-asset portfolios for a global base. As of 31 December 2022 we have £223bn under management.