1. Our aim with community engagement is to support initiatives where we can truly make a difference. As a result, we support a broad range of initiatives, from sponsoring museum exhibitions to working with mental health and education charities.

  2. If you would like to submit a proposal for us to consider, you can do so by emailing sponsorship@bailliegifford.com. To help you with your proposal, we have produced a handy checklist, which outlines the information you should include to help us make a decision:

    • Why are you requesting sponsorship? (Tell us more about the initiative, its aims and ambitions and why it requires support.)

    • What level of monetary support are you looking for? (Please be clear about the level of support you are looking for and how you have arrived at that figure.)

    • Why Baillie Gifford? (Why have you chosen to ask Baillie Gifford for support?)

    • Are you in receipt of any other funding for this initiative? (Please let us know if you have received funding from any other organisations for this project.)

    • Is this initiative sustainable? (Beyond sponsorship, do you have a strategy in place to ensure the financial sustainability of the project going forward?)

    • Does this initiative include any community outreach/engagement elements? (Let us know how your project could potentially have reach beyond its intended demographic.)

    • Your proposal should be no more than 4 pages long. (Please use A4-sized paper to deliver your proposal.)


    Before you submit a proposal, it’s worth reading our Governance and Sustainability report. Not only does it include case studies with a number of our sponsorship partners, but it also speaks to our firm’s values and our approach to investing.