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US Equity Growth

The US is a wonderfully inefficient market. It’s also the global capital for growth firms.  

We seek exceptional companies for long-term, concentrated growth. Diversification dilutes the best opportunities. Just 90 companies generated half of the US stock market’s $35 trillion in wealth creation over 90 years.  

The downside is limited to the value invested, but the upside is open-ended. 

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We seek to harness the power of the outliers

We are in a period of unprecedented change and innovation. A small set of exceptional companies in the US are driving global change. This makes it an extremely exciting time to invest in high-growth US businesses.  

US Equity Growth Strategy

Investment manager, Tom Slater, discusses the Baillie Gifford US Equity Growth Strategy.

Owning the exceptional for a long, long time

Our objective is to deliver more than 2 per cent above the market, either the Russell 1000 Growth or broader S&P 500 per anum, over rolling five-year periods by investing in a concentrated portfolio of transformational growth companies.  

We believe this to be a reasonable estimate of the amount by which we can outperform the market in the long term, considering the opportunity set and the unique cultures of the US companies we invest in. 

We focus on a small number of companies that can drive returns over the next decade. This requires bravery and imagination. Obsessing over upside and unmatched patience is our edge.

The performance target is aspirational and is not guaranteed. We don’t use it to compile the portfolio and returns will vary. A single performance target may not be appropriate across all vehicles and jurisdictions. We may not meet our investment objectives if, for example, our growth investment style is out of favour, or we misjudge the long-term earnings growth of our holdings.

Transformational innovation and disruption

We are investing in the future and aim to be on the right side of innovative disruption. The index, on the other hand, is backwards looking. That’s why our overlap with the market is low (typically less than 15 per cent).

The portfolio gives exposure to important structural changes in society that transcend short-term cycles, meaning it behaves differently from the index.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We seek out companies that are disrupting industries, creating new markets, and changing the world for the better.

The opportunity to invest in truly innovative, disruptive companies is greater today than ever before, and the long-term growth potential of these companies is huge.
Tom Slater

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