1. Funds approved under section 65 of the Collective Investment Scheme Control Act (CISCA) 2002 are listed below. Please refer to the Minimum Disclosure Document, under the Factsheet heading, which complies with the Marketing Material disclosure requirements of Board Notice 92 of CISCA.

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    Irish UCITS (18/04/2019) Factsheet KIID Cost Disclosure Class Inc / Acc Currency NAV Per Share % Change
    Worldwide Discovery Fund View A ACC EUR 9.8874
    View View B ACC EUR 15.2646 -1.59%
    View View B ACC USD 14.3861 -2.06%
    View F ACC USD 14.4732 -2.06%
    View F ACC GBP 10.5564 -1.90%
    View F ACC EUR 11.4620 -1.58%
    Worldwide Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund View View B ACC EUR 14.5535 0.21%
    View View B ACC USD 14.9127 -0.28%
    View C ACC JPY 1988.6609 -0.38%
    Worldwide Long Term Global Growth Fund View View B ACC EUR 16.7647 -0.95%
    View View B ACC USD 17.2311 -1.42%
    View C ACC JPY 1113.7298 -1.53%
    View F ACC USD 13.5933 -1.42%
    View F ACC GBP 11.2167 -1.26%