1. Locally registered funds are listed below. If you would like further information on our funds, or wider investment capabilities, please get in touch.

    The below funds are sub-funds of Baillie Gifford Worldwide Funds PLC and are domiciled in Ireland. The Swiss representative is Carnegie Fund Services S.A., 11, rue du Général-Dufour, 1204 Geneva. The Swiss paying agent is Banque Cantonale de Genève, 17, quai de l’Île, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland. The documents of the Company, such as the Partial Prospectus for Switzerland, the Articles of Association, the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs), and the financial reports can be obtained free of charge from the Swiss representative. For the shares of the Funds distributed to qualified investors in Switzerland, the place of jurisdiction is Geneva. Each time performance data is published, it should be noted that the past performance is no indication of current or future performance, and that it does not take account of the commissions and costs incurred on the issue and redemption of shares.
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    Irish UCITS (24/04/2019) Factsheet KIID Cost Disclosure Class Inc / Acc Currency NAV Per Share % Change
    Worldwide Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund View View B ACC EUR 14.5745 0.43%
    View View View B ACC USD 14.8765 0.12%
    View C ACC JPY 1983.3676 0.10%
    Worldwide Global Alpha Fund View A ACC USD 17.7620 0.61%
    View A INC USD 17.7747 0.61%
    View View B ACC EUR 11.0385 0.92%
    View View View B ACC USD 18.6947 0.61%
    View B INC USD 18.5960 0.61%
    View C ACC CHF 16.8597 0.56%
    View C INC JPY 1354.5975 0.58%
    View D ACC DKK 187.8915 0.92%
    Worldwide Global Credit Fund View View View B ACC USD 11.9218 0.27%
    View C ACC USD 14.8109 0.27%
    View B* INC EUR 9.8320 0.26%
    View C* ACC GBP 14.2014 0.27%
    View B* ACC EUR 10.9660 0.26%
    B* ACC GBP 10.4184 0.27%
    Worldwide Japanese Fund View A ACC EUR 11.2605 0.19%
    View A ACC SEK 105.7395 0.10%
    View B ACC GBP 9.7402 0.35%
    View View B ACC EUR 12.9869 0.20%
    View View B ACC JPY 1603.8763 -0.13%
    View View View B ACC USD 13.3631 -0.11%
    B INC GBP 9.7917 0.35%
    B INC EUR 9.9872 0.20%
    View C ACC GBP 19.5790 0.35%
    View C ACC USD 12.4997 -0.11%
    View A* INC EUR 10.0000 -0.16%
    View B* ACC GBP 10.4369 -0.15%
    View B* ACC EUR 11.5058 -0.15%
    View B* ACC USD 12.4213 -0.14%
    Worldwide Pan-European Fund View View B ACC EUR 17.2250 0.81%
    View View View B ACC USD 14.4143 0.50%
    View B ACC GBP 10.6994 0.96%
    View C ACC GBP 12.0165 0.96%
    View F ACC EUR 11.0643 0.81%
    View F ACC USD 11.5401 0.50%
    Worldwide Positive Change Fund View View B ACC EUR 10.9196 0.94%
    View View View B ACC USD 10.3036 0.63%
    View C ACC AUD 11.2201 1.62%
    View F ACC USD 10.1730 0.63%
    View F ACC EUR 10.3891 0.94%
    View F ACC AUD 11.2058 1.62%