1. Objective

    The Worldwide Global Alpha Fund aims to provide returns comprising capital growth and dividend income over the long term by investing primarily in global equities which are listed, traded or dealt in on Regulated Markets worldwide.

    The value of investments and any income from them may go down as well as up and you or your client may not get back the amount originally invested.
  2. Meet the Managers

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    Fund Facts

    All figures to 30/06/2020
    Style Long-term, bottom up growth
    Launch Date 09 July 2012
    Size DKK 8,167.6m
    Stocks (guideline range) 70-120
    Current Number of Stocks 101
    Benchmark MSCI ACWI
    Active Share 85%*
    Annual Turnover 17%
    Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Fund size calculated using base currency in Euro and converted into listed currencies. *Relative to MSCI ACWI Index. Source: Baillie Gifford & Co, MSCI.
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  5. Investment Choice and Charges

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    Share Class ISIN SEDOL Ongoing Charges* Initial Charge Currency NAV Per Share % Change
    A-Acc EUR IE00BK5TWB66 BK5TWB6 1.56% 0% EUR 11.89 0.82%
    A-Acc USD IE00B88CSH68 B88CSH6 1.56% 0% USD 21.46 1.58%
    A-Inc USD IE00B84XWW62 B84XWW6 1.56% 0% USD 21.48 1.58%
    B-Acc CHF IE00BSNB8564 BSNB856 0.65% 0% CHF 10.72 1.48%
    B-Acc EUR IE00BFX4DD70 BFX4DD7 0.63% 0% EUR 13.23 0.82%
    B-Acc USD IE00B912KW96 B912KW9 0.63% 0% USD 22.84 1.59%
    B-Inc USD IE00B90ZJS81 B90ZJS8 0.65% 0% USD 22.47 1.59%
    C-Acc CHF IE00BRS62D57 BRS62D5 0.06% 0% CHF 19.13 1.48%
    C-Acc GBP IE00BJM0FX81 BJM0FX8 0.06% 0% GBP 11.63 0.94%
    C-Inc JPY IE00BVYJ4Z25 BVYJ4Z2 0.06% 0% JPY 1568.64 1.19%
    D-Acc DKK IE00BNB79M50 BNB79M5 0.56% 0% DKK 224.81 0.84%

    Class B shares are for standard direct investment. Multiple currency and currency hedged share classes may also be available.
    A share class (Retrocession share class at 1.5% management fee) and C share class (management fee agreed directly with the investment manager) are also available on most funds.
    Effective from 03 July 2020, F share classes for Worldwide Funds merged with their respective B share class or became a new B share class where this did not exist before.

    * Annual figures as at 30/09/19

    A further explanation of all the charges and costs relating to this Fund can be found in the Disclosure of Fund Charges and Costs document on the Daily Prices table.