1. Bond Beats – Equinix

    A profitable home for the internet

    June 2019
  2. All investment strategies have the potential for profit and loss, your or your clients’ capital may be at risk.

  3. In this age of the internet, there is round-the-clock demand for instant connection so people can search, shop and share. The internet needs to keep working. With this in mind, we often hear about the inner workings of the so-called ‘Cloud’, and how Cloud computing servers are housed in futuristic garden sheds in the middle of distant deserts where land is cheap.

    True, but not the whole truth.  

    The fact is that for internet giants such as PayPal, Netflix and AT&T to deliver their services at speeds of less than a blink of the eye – the speeds we have become accustomed to – they require their Clouds to be housed in the centre of major population centres. What’s more, these Cloud computing servers need to be co-located within the same building so they can interconnect with one another and move traffic between their networks using a direct line which is fast and secure.

    A company we lend to in our portfolios, Equinix, aims to be at the centre of data exchange globally. Equinix’s data centres aren’t located on vast bits of remote land, which is the model favoured by wholesale data centre providers. Instead, they own or lease warehouses in the middle of prime locations such as New York, Rio, London. 

    In basic terms, Equinix is a real-estate company that provides a house for the internet. Simple really, but then sometimes the thing that makes a business resilient is its simplicity. As the CEO, Charles Meyers, recently commented, the business is “…supported by the physics of proximity and the economics of aggregation”. 

    As the Cloud grows and data usage continues to increase, demand for interconnection is here to stay. Equinix has early-mover advantage and is a market leader, making it an obvious choice for customers who are looking to grow their presence on the Cloud and expand their reach.

    Given the strength of Equinix’s competitive position, coupled with its prudent approach to capital allocation and balance sheet management, we believe that this is a business that will achieve its goal of higher credit ratings across the board. And it is an attractive investment for our portfolios.

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