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    What’s at the top of our investment managers’ minds in 2023 as they seek out the world’s best long-term growth companies? For a chance to hear directly and ask questions, put a date in your diary to attend one of our investor forums.

    Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust will hold its Investor Forum at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in London’s Savoy Place on 22 June 2023. Manager Tom Slater and deputy manager Lawrence Burns will share their thoughts on investment opportunities and challenges and be open to questions from attendees. Registration starts in May, so keep an eye on the events page at scottishmortgage.com to book a place.

    Later in the year, Baillie Gifford holds its annual Private Investor Forum, also at the IET, on 7 September 2023. Trust managers will provide updates on performance and reflect on the sector, as well as take plenty of questions from the floor.


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  4. Hooked on non-fiction?

    As the main sponsor of the UK’s biggest book festivals, Baillie Gifford gets to talk to some of the world’s most acclaimed and interesting writers. Here’s a sample of some of the things they’ve told us.

  5. “We’ve got this position where the [big data] incumbents are incredibly powerful. And in pretty much every jurisdiction, there’s a debate about how to address that market power and the political power that goes with it.”

    Diane Coyle

    “This isn’t just a happy story about the wonderful globalisation of science. It is also about how the histories of slavery and empire, war, race and ideological conflict have shaped science.”

    James Poskett

    “The rates of improvement on a year-by-year basis are much faster than we saw in the steam age, printing press, or first diesel engines, and are being sustained over decades.”

    Azeem Azhar

    “None of us can see the cultural assumptions that shape us, unless we periodically go and swim with other fish and look back at our own water.”

    Gillian Tett