• Investment Trusts

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    OEICs (18/09/2019) SEDOL Class Inc / Acc Price (p) % Change
    Active Gilt Investment Fund 0577098 B INC 176.70p -0.06%
    0577076 B ACC 279.70p -0.07%
    Active Index-Linked Gilt Investment Fund 0B0BSLC1 B INC 206.30p -0.63%
    BYQCYM7 B ACC 213.50p -0.65%
    Active Long Gilt Investment Fund 3250211 B INC 175.40p 0.40%
    B0MFPD0 B ACC 248.00p 0.45%
    BYQCYP0 B2 ACC 247.90p 0.45%
    American Fund 0606185 B INC 801.40p 0.24%
    0606196 B ACC 867.60p 0.23%
    British Smaller Companies Fund 0593038 B INC 506.30p -0.14%
    0593135 B ACC 712.00p -0.14%
    China Fund B3K73F7 B INC 449.30p 0.25%
    B39RMM8 B ACC 498.90p 0.28%
    Developed Asia Pacific Fund 3049163 B INC 551.70p -0.40%
    3049204 B ACC 597.20p -0.40%
    Diversified Growth Fund B3FD0V5 B INC 176.30p 0.06%
    B3FD0Z9 B1 ACC 217.90p 0.05%
    BYQCYV6 B2 ACC 218.50p 0.05%
    Emerging Markets Bond Fund B7MCJT4 B ACC 139.80p 0.50%
    B39RMQ2 B INC 98.17p 0.49%
    Emerging Markets Growth Fund 0602053 B INC 705.00p 0.06%
    0602064 B ACC 839.00p 0.07%
    Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund B06HZP4 B INC 423.90p 0.12%
    B06HZN2 B ACC 477.30p 0.10%
    European Fund 0605739 B INC 1740.00p -0.23%
    0605825 B ACC 2231.00p -0.22%
    Global Alpha Growth Fund B3PPZ72 B INC 298.50p -0.10%
    B61DJ02 B ACC 321.40p -0.12%
    Global Discovery Fund 0605922 B INC 1398.00p -0.14%
    0605933 B ACC 1620.00p -0.12%
    Global Income Growth Fund 0577258 B INC 779.30p 0.09%
    0557247 B ACC 1565.00p 0.06%
    Global Stewardship Fund BYNK7G9 B ACC 521.20p -0.04%
    BDDY6H8 B INC 518.20p -0.02%
    High Yield Bond Fund 3081671 B INC 138.40p 0.00%
    B1W0GF1 B ACC 254.10p 0.00%
    International Fund 0594031 B INC 6035.00p 0.08%
    0594127 B ACC 7230.00p 0.08%
    Investment Grade Bond Fund 3081648 B INC 107.30p 0.09%
    BYQCYS3 B ACC 228.70p 0.04%
    Investment Grade Long Bond Fund 3250181 B INC 141.70p 0.07%
    BYQCYT4 B ACC 302.90p 0.13%
    Japanese Fund 0601094 B INC 1546.00p -1.02%
    0601113 B ACC 1749.00p -1.02%
    Japanese Income Growth Fund BYZJQG7 B INC 139.50p -0.71%
    BYZJQH8 B ACC 148.80p -0.67%
    Japanese Smaller Companies Fund 0601458 B INC 4480.00p -0.69%
    0601492 B ACC 4892.00p -0.67%
    Long Term Global Growth Investment Fund BD5Z0Z5 B ACC 590.10p 0.31%
    BD5Z107 B INC 590.50p 0.31%
    Managed Fund 0600790 B INC 756.00p 0.07%
    0601016 B ACC 1152.00p 0.00%
    Multi Asset Growth Fund BY9C5Y3 B1 ACC 122.20p 0.08%
    BY9C5J8 B1 INC 116.10p 0.00%
    BY9C662 B2 ACC 122.70p 0.00%
    Multi Asset Income Fund BFXY285 B INC 106.20p 0.66%
    BFXY296 B ACC 110.50p 0.64%
    Pacific Fund 0606334 B INC 605.80p 0.60%
    0606323 B ACC 758.00p 0.58%
    Positive Change Fund BYVGKV5 B ACC 172.80p 0.29%
    BYVGKX7 B INC 171.70p 0.35%
    Responsible Global Equity Income Fund BFM4N49 B INC 117.20p 0.34%
    BFM4CT7 B ACC 118.80p 0.34%
    Sterling Aggregate Bond Fund BYM0D40 B ACC 124.00p 0.00%
    BYM0DB7 C ACC 125.50p 0.00%
    Sterling Aggregate Plus Bond Fund BYM0DL7 C ACC 123.00p 0.08%
    BYM0DG2 B ACC 121.30p 0.08%
    Strategic Bond Fund 0594774 B INC 91.72p 0.00%
    0594785 B ACC 233.90p 0.00%
    UK and Worldwide Equity Fund BZ3G2B4 B ACC 117.50p 0.60%
    BZ3G2C5 B INC 117.10p 0.60%
    UK Equity Alpha Fund 0585790 B INC 466.70p -0.38%
    0585819 B ACC 734.50p -0.39%
    UK Equity Core Fund BZ3G225 B ACC 102.80p -0.58%
    UK Equity Focus Fund BZ3G269 B ACC 109.60p 0.46%

    *Explanation of yield

    For fixed income funds, the yield shown above is a distribution yield which reflects the amounts that may be expected to be distributed over the next twelve months as a percentage of the mid-market price of the fund. It is updated fortnightly. The yield is based on a snapshot of the portfolio on the date of calculation.

    For equity funds, the yield shown above is a historic yield which reflects distributions declared over the past twelve months as a percentage of the mid-market price, as at the date shown. Where a share class has been in issue for less than a full financial year a forecast yield has been provided.

    The yield does not include any preliminary charge and investors may be subject to tax on distributions.

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    Investment Trusts (17/09/2019) Price Per Share NAV Per Share Premium / Discount (+/-)
    Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLC 178.20p 178.46p -0.2%
    Baillie Gifford UK Growth Fund plc 179.50p 195.34p -8.1%
    Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust plc 142.00p 136.33p 4.2%
    Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust plc 192.00p 189.89p 1.1%
    Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC 312.50p 342.49p -8.8%
    Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC 518.00p 528.53p -2.0%
    The Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC 826.00p 821.29p 0.6%
    The Monks Investment Trust PLC 919.00p 888.62p 3.4%
    The Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C. 414.50p 398.00p 4.2%

    Source: Morningstar. Share prices are shown at closing mid price. NAVs are estimated.