1. How to buy investment trusts

    Baillie Gifford manages a range of investment trusts covering general, international and specialist markets.
  2. We take a distinctive approach which recognises that many businesses are global. The country where a company is listed is not necessarily the place it conducts most of its business as many successful companies are global in their reach. In choosing investments, a holistic approach is taken whereby companies are chosen on their long-term merits alone rather than with reference to where they are listed or the proportion of an index they represent.

    Please note that all Baillie Gifford managed trusts are available for investment by intermediaries and their clients.

  3. Actual investors are focused.

    Not frantic.
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  4. Terms of Business

    To buy and sell our investment trusts, you must complete and return a copy of the following document, if you don't already have an agreement with us.

    • Investment Trusts

      In order for us to accept your business for our range of Investment Trust wrapper products, please complete and return the Terms of Business Acceptance Form.

    • Contact Intermediary Support

      Alternatively please contact our Intermediary Support team for any further information.