1. Baillie Gifford U.S. Equity Growth Fund

  2. Overview

    The Baillie Gifford U.S. Equity Growth Fund seeks capital appreciation.

    Investment Proposition

    We aim to identify the exceptional growth businesses in America and own them for long enough that the advantages of their business models and strength of their cultures become the dominant drivers of their stock prices. We believe this long-term horizon allows us to harness the asymmetry inherent in equity markets to capture the disproportionate impact of successful investments. We run concentrated portfolios as we do not want to dilute the impact of such companies in the name of diversification.


    Performance information is currently unavailable. For the latest month end performance please call us on
    +1 212 319 4633


    Top Ten Holdings as of month end 5/31/2024
    Company NameFund %
    3The Trade Desk8.04
    4Meta Platforms5.60
    9Tesla Inc3.80
    Total 57.51%


    Tom Slater - Manager

    Tom joined Baillie Gifford in 2000 and became a Partner of the firm in 2012. After serving as Deputy Manager for five years, Tom was appointed Joint Manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust in 2015. During his time at Baillie Gifford he has worked in the Developed Asia, UK Equity and Long Term Global Growth teams. Tom’s investment interest is focused on high growth companies both in listed equity markets and as an investor in private companies. He graduated BSc in Computer Science with Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh in 2000.

    Gary Robinson

    Gary is a partner and US Equity Growth investment manager. Gary joined Baillie Gifford in 2003 and spent time working on our Japanese, UK and European Equity teams before moving to the US Equity Growth Team in 2008. Gary is a generalist investor but retains a special interest in the healthcare sector, dating back to his undergraduate degree. He graduated MBiochem in Biochemistry from Oxford University in 2003.

    Kirsty Gibson

    Kirsty is an Investment Manager in the US Equities Team. Kirsty joined Baillie Gifford in 2012 and began her career on the US Equities Team, moving on to spend several years in small and large cap global equities departments, before returning to the US Equities Team. She graduated MA (Hons) in Economics in 2011and MSc in Carbon Management in 2012, both from the University of Edinburgh.

    Dave Bujnowski

    Dave joined Baillie Gifford in 2018 as a Senior Analyst and is now a portfolio manager in the US Equities team. Prior to joining Baillie Gifford, he cofounded Coburn Ventures in 2005. In his 13 years at Coburn Ventures, was a Partner, primary client facing consultant, research analyst and portfolio manager of a long-short, market neutral hedge fund. He started his career in 1996, joining Warburg Dillon Read’s equity research group as an associate semiconductor analyst before joining UBS’s Global Tech Strategy team. Dave graduated from Boston College in 1993, where he majored in Finance and Philosophy. He has been a member of the team since 2020.


    The Fund intends to pay dividends to its shareholders at least annually. Distributions will automatically be reinvested in Fund shares unless you submit a request for cash payment with at least ten days prior notice, before the record date for distribution, to the Transfer Agent. The distribution dates will appear on this page alongside the rates once they become available. The dates can be changed by the Officers of the Funds. For more information on Baillie Gifford Funds’ Distributions please see the Statutory Prospectus. 


    The document in this link contains answers to some of the most commonly asked tax and distribution related questions regarding mutual funds.

    The below table shows the makeup of the most recent distributions paid.

    Fund Name


    Income Dividends

    Short-Term Capital Gains *

    Qualified Dividend Income **

    Foreign Tax Credits

    Long-Term Capital Gains

    Total Per Share

    Ex. Date

    Pay Date


    Baillie Gifford U.S. Equity Growth Fund Institutional Class BGGSX 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 12/28/2023 12/28/2023 Final
    Baillie Gifford U.S. Equity Growth Fund K Class BGGKX 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 12/28/2023 12/28/2023 Final

    Source: Bank of New York Mellon and Baillie Gifford & Co


    *Short-Term Capital Gains are treated as ordinary income for U.S. Federal Income Tax Purposes.

    **Qualified Dividend Income is a subset of Income Dividends (rather than an additional category of income).

    Primary ICI File for the Baillie Gifford Mutual Funds can be found here.

    Secondary ICI File for the Baillie Gifford Mutual Funds can be found here.



    The most significant risks of an investment in the Baillie Gifford US Equity Growth Fund are Investment Style Risk, Growth Stock Risk, Long-Term Investment Strategy Risk, Geographic Focus Risk and Non-Diversification Risk. The Fund is managed on a bottom up basis and stock selection is likely to be the main driver of investment returns. Returns are unlikely to track the movements of the benchmark. The prices of growth stocks can be based largely on expectations of future earnings and can decline significantly in reaction to negative news. The Fund is managed on a long-term outlook, meaning that the Fund managers look for investments that they think will make returns over a number of years, rather than over shorter time periods. The Fund focuses on investments in the US, meaning it may offer less diversification and be more volatile than other funds. The Fund may have a smaller number of holdings with larger positions in each relative to other mutual funds. Other Fund risks include: Conflicts of Interest Risk, Equity Securities Risk, Environmental, Social and Governance Risk, Focused Investment Risk, Government and Regulatory Risk, Information Technology Risk, Initial Public Offering Risk, Large-Capitalization Securities Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Disruption and Geopolitical Risk, Market Risk, New and Smaller-Sized Funds Risk, Service Provider Risk, Small-and Medium-Capitalization Securities Risk and Valuation Risk.

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    The Baillie Gifford Mutual Funds are distributed by Baillie Gifford Funds Services LLC. Investors should carefully consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Funds before investing. This information and other information about the Funds can be found in the prospectus and the summary prospectus. For a prospectus and summary prospectus please go here. Please carefully read the Fund’s prospectus and related documents before investing.