The Fund intends to pay dividends to its shareholders at least annually. Distributions will automatically be reinvested in Fund shares unless you submit a request for cash payment with at least ten days prior notice, before the record date for distribution, to the Transfer Agent. The distribution dates will appear on this page alongside the rates once they become available. The dates can be changed by the Officers of the Funds. For more information on Baillie Gifford Funds’ Distributions please see the Statutory Prospectus.


    The below table shows the makeup of the most recent distributions paid.

    Fund Name Ticker Income Dividends Short-Term Capital Gains * Qualified Dividend Income ** Foreign Tax Credits Long-Term Capital Gains Total Per Share Ex. Date Pay Date Status
    Emerging Markets Fund K Class BGKEX 0.25549 0.00000 0.25549 0.04833 1.55026 1.80575 12/27/2018 12/27/2018 Final
    Emerging Markets Fund Institutional Class BGEGX 0.25825 0.00000 0.25825 0.04833 1.55026 1.80851 12/27/2018 12/27/2018 Final

    Source: Bank of New York Mellon and Baillie Gifford & Co


    *Short-Term Capital Gains are treated as ordinary income for U.S. Federal Income Tax Purposes.


    **Qualified Dividend Income is a subset of Income Dividends (rather than an additional category of income).


    Full details of the 2018 distribution rates for the Baillie Gifford Funds can be found here.

  3. Estimated Capital Gains

    Estimated capital gains distributions will appear here when they become available.


    The document in the following link contains answers to some of the most commonly asked tax and distribution related questions regarding mutual funds.