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Imagine the future

To find you great growth opportunities, we seek the innovations and individuals that will drive change. Then we take a long-term approach, investing with conviction on your behalf. 

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About us

We are research-driven, patient and prepared to stand apart from the crowd. And because we’re an independent partnership without outside shareholders, you are our priority. 

Actual investors

Long-term vision

It takes time to achieve transformational change. So we invest in companies for years, even decades. And we support their leaders in making decisions that can deliver strong, sustainable returns to you.

Our History

Continuity and heritage

Since its inception, Baillie Gifford has dedicated itself to discovering global growth opportunities. Today, we leverage the stability and expertise honed over many decades to serve you.

Our Culture

Curious, patient, brave

We are inquisitive, act with a long-term mindset and are prepared to stand
apart from the noisy crowd. These characteristics guide all the decisions
we take on your behalf.

Diversity & Inclusion

Empowered perspectives

We thrive on the richness of our diverse backgrounds, academic studies and experience. This unique blend enables us to make well-rounded investment decisions and cater to your varied needs.


Disruption Week 2023

Join our Disruption Week live investment webinar series this November to learn about important innovation trends and disruptive technologies.

Sessions will cover disruption’s next wave, AI, nuclear innovation, and the energy transition. You will hear directly from our investment managers and other decision makers, and can ask questions of your own.


Our investment managers and specialists tell you about groundbreaking companies and other forces influencing their pursuit of growth.

In the spotlight

Rethinking renewables

Research suggesting faster-than-expected adoption has far-reaching consequences for investors.
April 2023

Shaking up the status quo

Discover the companies, products and processes transforming the world and creating new long-term growth opportunities. From apps and AI to decarbonisation and the healthcare revolution.

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