1. Baillie Gifford China Equities Fund

    Baillie Gifford China Equities Fund

  2. Overview

    The Baillie Gifford China Equities Fund seeks capital appreciation.

    Investment Proposition

    We seek to produce a portfolio of 40-80 of China's growing companies regardless of their location of listing, market capitalisation or size in the Index. We have a long-term (5+ year) investment horizon, a focus on growth stocks, and employ rigorous fundamental analysis to stock selection. This benefits from balancing global perspectives with local insights from our offices in Edinburgh and Shanghai.


    Sophie Earnshaw

    Sophie joined Baillie Gifford in 2010 and is an Investment Manager in the Emerging Markets and China A-share Teams. She has also been Co-Manager of the China Fund and a member of the International Focus Portfolio Construction Group since 2014. Sophie is a CFA Charter holder. She graduated MA in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh in 2008 and MPhil in Eighteenth Century and Romantic Literature from the University of Cambridge in 2009.

    Mike Gush

    Mike is a named manager for Baillie Gifford’s Emerging Markets and China Funds, as well as being responsible for the Emerging Markets Small Cap strategy. He has also been a member of the Global Stewardship strategy since its inception in 2015. Mike first joined Baillie Gifford in 2003 and before moving to the Emerging Markets Equity Team in 2005, Mike worked in the UK and Japanese Equity Teams. Mike became a Partner of the firm in 2020. He is a CFA Charterholder and graduated MEng from the University of Durham in 2003. 

    Roderick Snell

    Roderick joined Baillie Gifford in 2006 and is an Investment Manager in the Emerging Markets Equity Team. He previously worked in the UK and European Equity Teams and has managed the Baillie Gifford Pacific Fund since 2010. Roderick graduated BSc (Hons) in Medical Biology from the University of Edinburgh in 2006.


    As with all mutual funds, the value of an investment in the Fund could decline, so you could lose money. The most significant risks of an investment in the Baillie Gifford China Equities Fund are China Risk, Investment Style Risk, Growth Stock Risk, Long-Term Investment Strategy Risk, Non-Diversification Risk and Geographic Focus Risk. Investing in securities of Chinese issuers involves certain risks not typically associated with investing in securities of U.S. issuers, including more frequent trading suspensions and government interventions (including by nationalization of assets), currency exchange rate fluctuations or blockages, different financial reporting standards, custody risks, and potential adverse tax consequences. Investing in securities of Chinese issuers involves certain risks such as limits on use of brokers and foreign ownership. There can be a higher dependence on exports and international trade with the potential for increased trade tariffs, sanctions and embargoes.  U.S. sanctions or other investment restrictions could preclude the Fund from investing in certain Chinese issuers or cause the Fund to sell investments at a disadvantageous time. Chinese securities can become illiquid quickly as Chinese issuers have the ability to suspend trading and have done so in response to market volatility and other events. The Fund is managed on a bottom up basis and stock selection is likely to be the main driver of investment returns. Returns are unlikely to track the movements of the benchmark. The prices of growth stocks can be based largely on expectations of future earnings and can decline significantly in reaction to negative news. The Fund is managed on a long-term outlook, meaning that the Fund managers look for investments that they think will make returns over a number of years, rather than over shorter time periods. The Fund may have a smaller number of holdings with larger positions in each relative to other mutual funds. The Fund focuses on investments in a limited number of countries or geographic regions, meaning it may offer less diversification and be more volatile than other funds. Other Fund risks include: Conflicts of Interest Risk, Currency Risk, Emerging Markets Risk, Equity Securities Risk, Focused Investment Risk, Government and Regulatory Risk, Information Technology Risk, IPO Risk, Large-Capitalization Securities Risk, Liquidity Risk, Market Disruption and Geopolitical Risk, Market Risk, New and Smaller-Sized Funds Risk, Non-U.S. Investment Risk, Service Provider Risk, Settlement Risk, Small-and Medium-Capitalization Securities Risk, Underlying Funds Risk and Valuation Risk. For more information about these and other risks of an investment in the Fund, see “Principal Investment Risks” and “Additional Investment Strategies” in the prospectus.

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    The Baillie Gifford Mutual Funds are distributed by Baillie Gifford Funds Services LLC. Investors should carefully consider the objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Funds before investing. This information and other information about the Funds can be found in the prospectus and the summary prospectus. For a prospectus and summary prospectus please go here. Please carefully read the Fund’s prospectus and related documents before investing.