1. Ideas can come from anywhere...

    Big. Small. Proactive. Reactive. Ideas that can change your life and transform society come from many sources.

    As Actual investors, we’re looking for companies with ideas that can solve everyday problems. Companies searching for ways to reduce or even reverse climate change; that are pioneering quicker and cheaper cross-border payments; and are leading on vaccines for pandemics.

    Where do we find them? Not by listening to the day-to-day noise of financial markets. We try to ignore this, and instead think about companies’ prospects for the long term.

    Not every idea or company we back will be a winner, but we like to think ‘what if?’ and emphasise what might go right as well as what could go wrong. One thing exceptional companies share is a tendency to divide opinion. Look at the more successful investments over the last 20 years such as Amazon and Tesla. Analysts gleefully pointed out the many ways in which these companies might fail. But the great ideas behind these companies proved transformative.

  2. IDEAS 22 Recording

    Watch our annual IDEAS conference, where we discuss the potential effects and implications of our increasing use of AI.

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    IDEAS 22 Article

    Discover more about how AI is transforming industries thanks to a wealth of data, faster computers and deep learning algorithms.

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    Baillie Gifford Disruption Week

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