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Seeking out the world’s best growth companies with the intention of owning each stock for five years or longer.

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Why invest in our global equities?

Tomorrow’s great growth companies could emerge from any country or sector. Taking a global remit increases your chance of benefiting from their success. That’s true whether they’re located on the US’s west coast, China’s east coast, in a small Dutch university town or somewhere no one has noticed yet. Baillie Gifford has been uncovering such opportunities for over a century. And we aim to hold onto these investments long enough for you to reap the exceptional returns that winners create. 

How do we invest in global equities?

Every year we meet hundreds of businesses, selecting only a small number for your portfolio. Just a few will become transformational growth companies. Our mindset suits this challenge and sets us apart from other fund managers. 

Our approach is long-term. We aim to hold companies for five to ten years or more. And we’re unashamedly optimistic, asking how big they could grow in a best-case scenario.  

Global equities strategies

  1. Woman paddleboarding on Sylvenstein lake, Germany.

    Global Alpha

    Ambitious growth investing in exceptional companies, prioritising long-term sustainability and competitive advantages for lasting success.
  2. Drone view of a car crossing a bridge in Iceland with blue steams of glacier water.

    Global Alpha Ethically Restricted

    Invest with ambition: We aim to unlock exceptional growth potential through long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.
  3. One man exploring beautiful Ice cave close to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

    Global Alpha Paris Aligned

    Climate-conscious investing in exceptional growth companies worldwide, using investment floor insights to find diverse opportunities.
  4. An aerial view of a sailing boat floating on still water with clouds reflected on the surface.

    Global Alpha Paris Aligned Ethically Restricted

    Responsibly investing in diverse growth companies, addressing the climate crisis with flexibility and open-mindedness to unlock varied opportunities.
  5. Orchestra playing in dark room

    Global Core

    With over 20 years of experience, our Global Core strategy offers tailored asset allocation to invest in Baillie Gifford's regional equity ideas.
  6. Astronomical Observatory under the starlit sky filled with the milky way.

    Global Discovery

    We look for early-stage transformative companies poised for long-term growth, scaling up to shape the next decade's success.
  7. Three intrepid cyclists exploring scenic mountain trails on their high-performance bike.

    Global Income Growth

    Balancing current income needs and long-term capital growth, aiming for comprehensive, enduring returns.
  8. Abstract depiction of DNA against a dark blue background.

    Health Innovation

    Investing in solutions-driven healthcare companies addressing societal challenges, with the aim of generating strong returns.
  9. Landscape of a still rippled ocean at dusk in mild weather with clouds across the sky.

    Long Term Global Growth

    Concentrated portfolios of potentially game-changing companies, reshaping returns and embracing future structural shifts for success.
  10. 3d model of a plus icon featuring images of fields, landscapes and vergetables.

    Positive Change

    We invest in companies that we believe positively impact society and the environment, with the aim of generating attractive returns.
  11. Cyclist riding up on road in the mountains.

    Responsible Global Equity Income

    We believe in the potential power of dividend compounding for enduring income and long-term capital growth success.
  12. Aurora Borealis. as viewed from space.

    Sustainable Growth

    Seeking out companies that could benefit society and shareholders, and deliver lasting growth and positive impact for all.
  13. Astronomical Observatory under the stars.

    Worldwide Discovery

    Finding early opportunities in small-to-mid-cap firms with the aim of discovering lasting growth and success.

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