1. Locally registered funds are listed below. If you would like further information on our funds, or wider investment capabilities, please get in touch.

    The information in this area of the website serves exclusively as information for investors. Under no circumstances may it replace advice regarding the acquisition and disposal of investments which may result in a total loss of the investment. Past performance particularly relating to a period of less than 12 months is not indicative of future performance which may vary. The appointed Paying and Information Agent in Austria is UniCredit Bank Austria AG. The prospectus, the Key Investor Information Documents (KIIDs) relating to the portfolios of the Funds, the Articles, the audited annual accounts, the semi-annual accounts as well as the issuance and redemption prices are available in Austria free of charge [in the German language] at the Austrian Paying and Information Agent: UniCredit Bank Austria AG, 8398 Global Securities Sales & Services, P.O. Box 35, A-1011, Vienna.
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