We prize uncommon ideas and exceptional performance as we seek long-term growth. Our sponsorship activities mirror these goals, focusing on non-fiction, academia and sport.

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Celebrating the world’s best non-fiction

We are proud to support the Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction. Every year, a panel of independent judges considers hundreds of entries to pick first a longlist, then a shortlist and finally, in November, a winning book that marks the pinnacle of recent factual writing.

The prize celebrated its 25th year in 2023. Past winners have ranged from a biography of Shakespeare to an investigation into the roots of the US’s opioid crisis.

Sponsoring literary festivals

Exceptional books broaden your mind and can transport you to new places and different times. We recognise the dedication, curiosity and craft it takes their writers to create them. Indeed, we aim for the same qualities in our own work.

So, we’re proud to support book festivals across the UK and further afield. In doing so, we hope to expand your horizons, ignite your imagination and excite you about what’s possible.

Hearing from authors

We meet some of the world’s deepest thinkers through our literary festival sponsorship. Writers whose books are the culmination of years of experience and specialist research married to skill at connecting the dots.

You can explore our recent articles below:

Supporting athletes and sport

Our sports sponsorship focuses on helping local talented athletes reach their potential and raising the profile of underrepresented activities. You can learn about some of those we support below:

Investing in academia

We have forged partnerships with educational institutions and individual academics worldwide. They include supporting research into semiconductors at IMEC in Belgium and digital medicine at the National University of Singapore, as well as funding a professorship in the ethics of artificial intelligence at the Edinburgh Futures Institute.

These connections help us generate distinctive investment ideas while reducing our risk of groupthink.

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Tapping global brainpower

How Baillie Gifford’s mutually beneficial network of academic connections makes us see the world differently.
September 2022

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The Baillie Gifford Prize for Non-Fiction

Find out about the latest nominees and past winners and of the annual award for the best in contemporary non-fiction writing.


Baillie Gifford supports charity and community organisations across the world. Throughout our firm’s history, our partners have supported charities and organisations in need.