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We’ve been managing dedicated emerging markets portfolios for three decades. We are targeting a wide range of growing emerging market companies. 

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Why invest in emerging markets?

Emerging markets can give you access to many of the world’s most dynamic, high-growth companies. Over the past two decades, the breadth and quality of these businesses have significantly improved, and the economies themselves have become more robust. However, not all opportunities are equal. With our extensive experience and unique approach, we strive to pick only the fastest-growing businesses from a diverse range of countries and industries for you.

How do we invest in emerging markets?

We consistently find that the companies which outperform are those that grow their profits faster than the market in hard currency terms over several years.

Our goal is to discover these businesses, assess their long-term growth potential and then patiently hold them, allowing our research-driven decisions to generate returns for you.

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Key articles, videos and podcasts relating to our emerging markets equities investment capabilities:

Emerging Markets: our philosophy

Investment manager William Sutcliffe introduces Emerging Markets, reflecting on the exciting opportunities ahead.

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