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Actual income

Discover how our income investment managers construct portfolios containing a variety of asset classes to seek your preferred balance of resilient income and capital growth.

Standing the test of time

By investing in dividend-paying equities, bonds and other holdings such as infrastructure and property, we aim to provide you with long-term resilient income.

Watch Jan Oliver explain our approach to building single-asset and multi-asset portfolios and their benefits.

What is Actual income?

We describe our task at Baillie Gifford as Actual investing: putting your capital to use in tangible, returns-generating activities. We believe it’s the right way to invest on your behalf over the long term. That’s why we apply the same philosophy to income.

Income comes in many forms, and it’s easy to lose sight of what matters. The allure of high short-term yields can be enticing but often proves deceptive in reality. It takes discipline to maintain a long-term mindset.

  • We aim to ensure that your income lasts a lifetime.
  • Actual income is the pounds and pence we deliver to you over time.
  • Actual income is about dependability and resilience.
  • Actual income is the natural income produced by investing in companies and countries preparing for the challenges of an ever-changing future.
  • Actual income means long-term income, not short-term yields.

Asking the right questions

Focusing our research helps us build resilient, genuinely diversified income streams for you. The questions we ask include:

  • Is this balance sheet likely to improve through the cycle?
  • How fast might a company’s dividends grow over the next 10 years?
  • Can this country improve its foreign currency reserves?
  • Ultimately, where will the cash flow come from, and how secure is it?

Related funds

We offer funds with differing income and capital growth expectations. But in all cases, we intend to provide you with long-term solutions. Our purpose is to generate income not just today and tomorrow but time after time.

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