Capital at risk

Imagine the future

To find you great growth opportunities, we seek the innovations and individuals that will drive change. Then we take a long-term approach, investing with conviction on your behalf. 

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About us

We are research-driven, patient and prepared to stand apart from the crowd. And because we’re an independent partnership without outside shareholders, you are our priority. 

Investment beliefs

Clear and concise

Explore our investment philosophy and how we seek out the best assets on your behalf. Our decision-makers get straight to the point in these brief video explainers.

Actual income

Reliable, resilient income

We target long-term returns, not short-term yields. Find out how our managers look to the future when investing in corporate and government bonds.


Your questions, answered

Our Intermediaries Team and fund managers respond to your questions in this live show broadcast every other month. Find out what’s coming up and catch up on past episodes.

Actual investors

Long-term vision

It takes time to achieve transformational change. So we invest in companies for years, even decades. And we support their leaders in making decisions that can deliver strong, sustainable returns to you.

Our history

Continuity and heritage

Since its inception, Baillie Gifford has dedicated itself to discovering global growth opportunities. Today, we leverage the stability and expertise honed over many decades to serve you.

Our culture

Curious, patient, brave

We are inquisitive, act with a long-term mindset and are prepared to stand
apart from the noisy crowd. These characteristics guide all the decisions
we take on your behalf.

Responsible investment

Invest, responsibly

Growth comes when companies innovate to meet society’s needs. That can involve the electrification of transport or using AI to develop better medicines. We support management’s focus on long-term goals.


Disruption Week

Our Disruption Week investment webinar series took place in November 2023, focusing on important innovation trends and disruptive technologies.

Sessions covered disruption’s next wave, AI, nuclear innovation, and the energy transition.


Our investment managers and specialists tell you about groundbreaking companies and other forces influencing their pursuit of growth.

In the spotlight

Why growth, why now?

Tough times play to the partnership’s strengths: analysing what enables us to adapt and thrive amid rapid change.
December 2023
Article17 minutes
The Baillie Gifford podcast

Short briefings on long term thinking

Baillie Gifford’s Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking brings valuable insights into the benefits of taking the long view. You’ll hear frank, often contrarian opinions from our team in Edinburgh and from experts around the world. Please remember your capital is at risk.


Trust magazine

Trust matters

Explore our investment trust managers’ thinking with Trust magazine. Discover the exceptional qualities of the companies they back and the entrepreneurs they empower. You can also read interviews with renowned non-fiction authors and immerse yourself in our infographics to understand the disruptive forces shaping our world.

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