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We invest for our clients over the long term. It takes time to achieve transformational change, so we invest in companies for years, even decades.

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Think in decades. Not quarters.

Finding transformational companies such as Amazon and Tencent means thinking far into the future.

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What is Baillie Gifford?

As an investment manager, we aim to deliver strong returns to you while supporting the firms we back on your behalf to succeed. We relentlessly seek out game-changing companies and other assets that can sustain long-term growth and remain resilient in a changing world.

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Actual income

Thoughts from our income fund managers

We aim to provide you with a robust income stream over the long term. So, we prioritise resilience and dependability over maximising unstable yields when investing on your behalf. Questions we ask include how a company’s dividends could grow over the next decade and how it would cope in times of stress.