1. Overview

    Well managed companies with strong governance are more likely to make successful, long-term investments for our clients. We also believe that a company cannot be financially sustainable in the long run if its approach to business is fundamentally out of line with changing societal expectations.

  2. Environmental, Social, and Governance issues span our investment universe. Whether it be the importance of alignment with long-term investors, the role of independent directors or the impact of increasing privacy regulation and carbon legislation, as actual investors we need to ensure that we are assessing and acting on the issues that are most relevant to sustainable financial performance.

    Our dedicated ESG Team works with our fund managers to assess performance and concerns both before and after we invest in a company, undertaking proprietary, bottom up research where required.

    As long-term active owners on behalf of our clients we seek to build meaningful relationships with investee companies, engaging with management to discuss a broad range of stewardship topics directly related to the investment case. We further aim to use our clients’ voting rights thoughtfully and to play our part in raising Environmental, Social, and Governance standards across the investment industry.

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  3. Actual investors help shape the new world. Not shore up the old one.
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