What makes us different?

We accept uncertainty, look through the incessant short-term noise in financial markets and, above all, take a long-term, patient approach to investing clients' capital.

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Driven, without distractions

Investment management should be a long-term business. We base our portfolios on research and insights built up over time. And when we invest clients’ capital, we intend to hold the assets for years longer than is usual in our industry.

So, we believe our company’s status as an independent private partnership plays to our clients’ advantage. We don’t have outside shareholders or external financial obligations. That means we aren’t preoccupied with short-term profits or the need to pay dividends. This gives us freedom to invest in opportunities that might not work out, but those that do may take years rather than quarters to fulfil their potential, where other firms do not have the same alignment. Not every investment takes years to play out, but being able to invest in such opportunities is a critical element of how we differentiate ourselves.

What makes us different?

Curious, patient, brave

What sets Baillie Gifford apart from other asset managers? Three words define us: curious, patient and brave. Find out why they matter to our clients by meeting three of our investment managers.

Global by nature

Our organisational structure gives us stability, helping us recruit and retain some of the finest investment minds. Being based in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1908 has shaped our unique culture. But we do not set our ambitions through that lens. We want to be among the world’s leading growth investors, and to do this, we need to access talent where it exists. So in recent years, we have started to selectively add investors based in China and the US. They’re well placed to build local relationships and find new ideas while retaining the huge benefits of flexibility and collaboration that come with the bulk of the team being together in Edinburgh.

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Malcolm MacCollManaging Partner

An independent partnership

Baillie Gifford has 57 partners, as of 31 March 2024. They work full-time at the firm and, on average, have been with us for over 19 years. Two managing partners share overall leadership. They’re currently:

Malcolm MacColl

Malcolm MacColl

Malcolm has overall oversight of our investment departments. He joined the company in 1999 and became joint senior partner in 2021. He is also an investment manager in the Global Alpha Team.

Andrew Telfer seated at a relaxed meeting table, dressed in a casual suit with two books placed on the table.

Andrew Telfer

Andrew is responsible for all of the non-investment operations of the firm. He joined Baillie Gifford in 1992 and became joint senior partner in 2012. Before moving into a client-facing role, he was an investor in the firm’s Emerging Markets Equity Team.

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Actual investors

What does it mean to be an Actual investor?

For more than a century, Baillie Gifford has invested in growth opportunities across the globe. We strive to place our clients capital in the most competitive, innovative and efficient companies, mindful that they operate in ever-changing conditions.


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Diversity and inclusion

Fairness. Equality. Openness. Three principles that form the backbone of Baillie Gifford.