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Growth comes in different forms: firms focusing on disruption, predictable steady compounders and capital allocators. Our flexible growth portfolios offer exposure to all three.

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What are flexible growth’s characteristics?

The market tends to value growth categories differently. Disruptors capture opportunity and market share. Their revenues grow rapidly, but their outcomes can be broad. Steady compounders have strong defensible franchises and competitive advantages. This leads to above-average earnings growth over long periods. Capital allocators rely heavily on management’s skill in deploying capital into cyclical opportunities. Combining all three helps reduce volatility while letting us pursue our best ideas.

How do we invest in flexible equity growth?

For each type of growth, we focus on different measures. Sales growth and margin progression for rapid growers. Franchise strength and profitability for steady compounders. And management quality and consistency with long-term business execution for capital allocators. 

Flexible equity growth portfolios typically hold 60 to 100 stocks. Turnover is low, typically less than 20 per cent per annum. 

Flexible-growth strategies

  1. A surfer in the middle of a crashing wave at sunset.

    ACWI ex US All Cap

    An international portfolio seeking long-term compounding, combining developed and emerging markets – with 30+ years of experience.
  2. Young Indian woman waiting for a train at subway station in India.

    Asia ex Japan

    A patient strategy in fast-paced markets. Embrace diverse growth opportunities in the hope of capitalising on inefficiencies.
  3. Aerial Photo Shots of Spring Blossom Bridge in Shenzhen, China.


    A diversified portfolio of 40-80 of the best growth companies in China, regardless of listing location, size or weight in an index.
  4. Scientist wearing protective equipment in a laboratory moving a tray of equipment.

    China A Shares

    A concentrated portfolio of 25-40 high-growth companies that are listed in China’s domestic market.
  5. Ocean wave at sunset time, Indian Ocean, Maldives.

    Developed EAFE All Cap

    An international portfolio focused on long-term compound growth, exclusively investing in developed markets – with 30+ years of experience.
  6. An aerial view of a surfer at the end of a rolling wave.

    EAFE Plus All Cap

    With exposure to emerging markets, this international portfolio with 30+ years’ experience seeks long-term growth.
  7. Aerial view of a boat sailing along the Yamuna river at sunset surrounded by seagulls along the coast in New Delhi, India.

    Emerging Markets All Cap

    Our longest-standing Global Emerging Markets portfolio, targeting the world’s best Emerging Market companies with a diversified approach.
  8. A cross-sea bridge in the fog at night in liaoning, China.

    Emerging Markets Concentrated Growth

    A highly concentrated Emerging Markets portfolio, our purest form of Emerging Markets stock-picking.
  9. Aerial view of people fishing in traditional outrigger boat in lake with cloud reflections from above in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.

    Emerging Markets ex China

    Seeking to provide exposure to the best Emerging Market opportunities outside of China, an increasingly common consideration for investors.
  10. An aerial view of Vietnamese women fishing with traditional nets in shallow water with their wooden boats nearby.

    Emerging Markets Leading Companies

    A more concentrated Global Emerging Markets portfolio of 35-60 stocks. Seeking strong opportunities to own for the long term.
  11. Woman paddleboarding on Sylvenstein lake, Germany.

    Global Alpha

    Ambitious growth investing in exceptional companies, prioritising long-term sustainability and competitive advantages for lasting success.
  12. Drone view of a car crossing a bridge in Iceland with blue steams of glacier water.

    Global Alpha Ethically Restricted

    Invest with ambition: We aim to unlock exceptional growth potential through long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.
  13. One man exploring beautiful Ice cave close to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon.

    Global Alpha Paris Aligned

    Climate-conscious investing in exceptional growth companies worldwide, using investment floor insights to find diverse opportunities.
  14. An aerial view of a sailing boat floating on still water with clouds reflected on the surface.

    Global Alpha Paris Aligned Ethically Restricted

    Responsibly investing in diverse growth companies, addressing the climate crisis with flexibility and open-mindedness to unlock varied opportunities.
  15. Abstract depiction of DNA against a dark blue background.

    Health Innovation

    Investing in solutions-driven healthcare companies addressing societal challenges, with the aim of generating strong returns.
  16. Loch Coruisk viewed from a moantain top from above the valley.

    International Alpha

    Invest in compounders, rapid growth, cycle winners, and capital allocators for what we hope will prove a robust, opportunity-driven portfolio.
  17. High angle view of people walking at subway station in Kyoto, Japan.

    Japan All Cap

    Discover Japan's untapped potential. Focusing on fundamentals, we try to find mispriced, under-appreciated growth opportunities.
  18. Robotic arm welding in a futuristic assembly automotive manufacturing plant.

    Japan Growth

    Unearthing Japan's hidden opportunities, our strategy targets emerging disruptors, strong franchises, and corporate reform for growth.
  19. Electronics workers in clean room assembling electronic components.

    Pan Europe

    We seek out Europe's standout companies with the potential to deliver exceptional investment returns.
  20. 3d model of a plus icon featuring images of fields, landscapes and vergetables.

    Positive Change

    We invest in companies that we believe positively impact society and the environment, with the aim of generating attractive returns.
  21. Aurora Borealis. as viewed from space.

    Sustainable Growth

    Seeking out companies that could benefit society and shareholders, and deliver lasting growth and positive impact for all.
  22. Winding empty road through arid desert landscape.

    US Alpha

    We focus on growing businesses across diverse opportunities that we hope will drive exceptional returns over time.

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