Diversity and inclusion report 2023

One of the first steps in making meaningful change is understanding where you are, so you can identify the change needed and how to make it.
You can discover the changes we are making in our first Diversity and inclusion (D&I) report.

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As part of our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion, you can explore our progress to date and see what actions we are taking in our first diversity and inclusion (D&I) report.

Our goals

1. Attract, develop and retain talent

We believe diverse minds bring different perspectives and enable more challenge and debate, leading to better decisions.

2. Create a culture where everyone feels safe, included, and valued

We are working hard to improve gender representation in our senior management population and ethnicity representation firmwide. To do this, we must drive more understanding of and accountability for D&I across all colleagues.

3. Drive accountability across the firm

We continue to focus on continuous improvements internally and engaging with industry bodies to shape and influence how asset management as a whole drives change in D&I.


of staff shared their ethnicity and gender data.


nationalities from across the world

About this report

Unless otherwise stated, the data provided in this report is as at 31 December 2022 (for reference, data at 31 December 2018 is also provided).
The total number of staff is 2,055, of which 1,839 are permanent.


Location Total
Edinburgh 1,758
North America / Canada 26
Asia 25
Europe 21
UK Regions / London 9


Age Percentage
< 30 21%
30 - 39 35%
40 - 49 30%
50 - 59 13%
> 60 1%

Gender (% women)

Position in organisation 2018 2022
Firmwide 48% 47%
Investment professionals 33% 35%
Senior management 29% 35%
Partnership 14% 25%

Ethnicity (% ethnic minorities)

Position in organisation 2018 2022
Firmwide 10% 12%
Investment professionals 15% 18%
Senior management 4% 8%
Partnership 2% 6%

Gender pay gap - UK (% difference between men and women)

Type of remuneration 2018 2022
Median pay gap 18.2% 12.3%
Median bonus gap 23.1% 16.1%

Ethnicity pay gap - UK

Our UK ethnicity pay gap is in the range of -5% to +5%, which we do not consider a statistically significant gap.

Wider pay monitoring

Engagement rates for sexual orientation and trans-status are not yet high enough to provide a statistically valid pay gap outcome for reporting purposes and we will continue to keep this under review.