Theo Golden

Joined in 2021 after studying Music

Working on a longer-term project

The highlight of my time so far has been working on a longer-term project on a particular asset class with my co-worker Yussef. For our Multi Asset Team we did a deep dive, building an expertise, creating insight on how to value and use the asset in our portfolios, and developing a way of easily communicating a very complex topic to our peers. We ended up presenting our research to colleagues from across the firm in two seminar sessions. It was incredibly stimulating to work on such a novel task, and collaborate with a brilliant colleague.

A place that fundamentally wants the best out of you

Baillie Gifford is a place that fundamentally wants the best out of you, and goes above and beyond to ensure you have the resource and comfort to perform.

Social events

On the credit team we have a book club, where we all go to a team member's house, have dinner and discuss a book and the thoughts it triggered for people. It's a great way of getting to know your colleagues in a stimulating and safe environment.

Past project

I recently wrote a note on the Japanese economy. It was an important update after a massive inflationary shock for a country that has been in structural deflation for decades. I worked my way through the country's labour dynamics and productivity to understand its potential growth, looked at its trade balances, GDP outlook, politics, central bank policy, and underlying price dynamics to build a factual foundation to take a view on the future of the country. This was used by teams across Multi Asset & Income, as well as an equities team to understand potential outcomes for portfolios.

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