Philip Nagai

Joined in 2019 after studying Software Engineering at Aston University 

Developing impact

I’m a Full-Stack Developer with the Information Systems department and currently working in the Client Relationship Management team. We deliver applications to help the firm service our clients, maintain records and win new business. Right now, I’m developing an application for the Marketing Campaigns team, which will help them plan, organise and measure the effectiveness of email campaigns to different client groups.

Reassuring support

Before I started here, I had very little knowledge of the financial sector or the technologies used at Baillie Gifford. But there was such an obvious commitment to learning and development that I wasn’t worried –training and support is part of the culture here. Not long after I joined, I took the Investment Operations Certificate exams, which offered a good overview of financial services generally and Baillie Gifford's role specifically, as well as the regulations that govern the industry. It’s sparked an ongoing interest for me in investments, stocks and the market as a whole.

Pleasantly personal

I really appreciated that the assessment process was people-led and not all about psychometric tests. There was an in-person interview, then an assessment centre, which was actually very pleasant! Throughout it all, there was a genuine interest in me as a person, and not just in my technical abilities. I met current staff and had some interesting, insightful discussions – it felt more like a pleasant conversation.

Looking ahead

The world of technology is very fast paced. It’s fascinating to see new technology emerging and how it’s helping us solve problems and work more efficiently. That’s what makes this role so exciting at Baillie Gifford – we’re a business that’s always looking to improve our applications and processes. The firm constantly invests in our systems, so there’s always new projects to work on and new technology to work with.

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