Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust Positive Conversations 2023

April 2024 / 64 minutes

Key points

  • Positive Conversations focuses on the operational practices of our portfolio companies and how we engage with them on our clients’ behalf.
  • The report incorporates our portfolio carbon footprint analysis and the promising progress being made towards net zero alignment.
  • Engagement is an incredibly important part of our process. As well as providing an overview of all engagements we have undertaken, case studies provide a focus on companies such as Moderna, Illumina and Bank Rakyat Indonesia.

This article provides an overview of Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust’s Positive Conversations.

Positive Conversations, provides a snapshot of the discussions we have:

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Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust doesn’t shout about its interactions with the companies in which we invest. Rather, we believe it’s about having Positive Conversations.

These are the conversations that have the most likelihood of shaping change and supporting the companies to deliver the shareholder returns and positive impact that we are looking for.

So, we prefer to spend our time building relationships and understanding where the company is coming from and how it is executing its vision.

That way, when we do have to prompt or challenge a company, they are more likely to be receptive and engage with us to effect change.

Positive Conversations gives you a flavour of the topics we engaged in over 2023. It explains the environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework we employ to get the best out of those discussions.

In our 2023 report, we update you on the portfolio’s progress to net zero alignment, provide case studies of our engagements and tell you who we engaged with, and why and how we did so.


Portfolio Footprint: Scope 1, 2 and 3*

this graphic shows circles representing carbon foot print differences

*Includes the scope 3 emissions for the 11 holdings from specific material sectors as outlined by the guidance from PCAF. A full explanation of these terms is available in the PDF.

Click on the individual bullet points to be taken to the relevant report sections:


This report accompanies and should be read in conjunction with our Impact Report, which covers the impact of our portfolio companies’ products and services.

Engaging for Positive Change – company conversations




Who we met

12 months to December 2023. 

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