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    Investment Trusts (09/07/2020) Price Per Share NAV Per Share Premium / Discount (+/-)
    Baillie Gifford European Growth Trust plc 1095.00p 1125.05p -2.7%
    Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon PLC 191.00p 194.56p -1.8%
    Baillie Gifford UK Growth Fund plc 178.50p 185.63p -3.8%
    Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust plc 225.00p 218.07p 3.2%
    Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust plc 276.00p 266.41p 3.6%
    Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC 518.00p 499.06p 3.8%
    Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC 900.00p 887.75p 1.4%
    The Baillie Gifford Japan Trust PLC 793.00p 841.93p -5.8%
    The Monks Investment Trust PLC 1102.00p 1076.23p 2.4%
    The Scottish American Investment Company P.L.C. 408.00p 405.96p 0.5%

    Source: Morningstar. Share prices are shown at closing mid price. NAVs are estimated. 

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    OEICs (09/07/2020) XD Class Inc / Acc Price (p) % Change
    American Fund N B INC 1335.00p 0.07%
    N B ACC 1446.00p 0.14%
    British Smaller Companies Fund N B INC 539.60p -0.42%
    N B ACC 763.30p -0.43%
    China Fund N B INC 620.90p 2.19%
    N B ACC 695.30p 2.17%
    Developed Asia Pacific Fund N B INC 593.30p -0.10%
    N B ACC 650.10p -0.11%
    Diversified Growth Fund X B INC 167.70p 0.30%
    X B1 ACC 211.60p 0.33%
    X B2 ACC 212.20p 0.28%
    Emerging Markets Bond Fund X B ACC 132.80p -1.41%
    X B INC 87.81p -1.35%
    Emerging Markets Growth Fund N B INC 758.70p 1.34%
    N B ACC 924.20p 1.34%
    Emerging Markets Leading Companies Fund N B INC 475.50p 0.89%
    N B ACC 546.40p 0.90%
    European Fund N B INC 2288.00p -0.13%
    N B ACC 2943.00p -0.10%
    Global Alpha Growth Fund N B INC 356.90p 0.73%
    N B ACC 386.30p 0.70%
    Global Discovery Fund N B INC 1985.00p 0.35%
    N B ACC 2301.00p 0.39%
    Global Income Growth Fund N B INC 805.40p -0.10%
    N B ACC 1651.00p -0.12%
    Global Stewardship Fund X B ACC 752.60p 0.84%
    X B INC 746.80p 0.84%
    High Yield Bond Fund X B INC 130.30p 0.08%
    X B ACC 249.20p 0.00%
    International Fund N B INC 7226.00p 0.51%
    N B ACC 8695.00p 0.51%
    Investment Grade Bond Fund X B INC 108.40p -0.18%
    X B ACC 238.10p -0.17%
    Investment Grade Long Bond Fund X B INC 148.80p -0.33%
    X B ACC 327.30p -0.37%
    Japanese Fund N B INC 1537.00p 0.26%
    N B ACC 1764.00p 0.23%
    Japanese Income Growth Fund X B INC 131.90p -0.30%
    X B ACC 144.20p -0.28%
    Japanese Smaller Companies Fund N B INC 4836.00p -0.82%
    N B ACC 5301.00p -0.80%
    Long Term Global Growth Investment Fund N B ACC 1033.00p 1.18%
    N B INC 1034.00p 1.27%
    Managed Fund N B INC 890.50p -0.07%
    N B ACC 1369.00p -0.07%
    Multi Asset Growth Fund X B1 ACC 118.30p -0.34%
    X B1 INC 110.60p -0.27%
    X B2 ACC 118.90p -0.34%
    Multi Asset Income Fund X B INC 102.50p 0.20%
    X B ACC 110.20p 0.18%
    Pacific Fund N B INC 816.60p 1.86%
    N B ACC 1029.00p 1.88%
    Positive Change Fund N B ACC 270.20p -0.30%
    N B INC 267.10p -0.30%
    Responsible Global Equity Income Fund N B INC 122.30p 0.00%
    N B ACC 126.50p 0.08%
    Sterling Aggregate Bond Fund X B ACC 130.90p -0.23%
    X B INC 128.90p -0.31%
    Sterling Aggregate Plus Bond Fund X B ACC 127.80p -0.31%
    Strategic Bond Fund X B INC 89.71p -1.06%
    X B ACC 235.50p -1.05%
    UK and Worldwide Equity Fund N B ACC 125.20p 0.40%
    N B INC 123.40p 0.41%
    UK Equity Alpha Fund N B INC 447.10p -0.16%
    N B ACC 711.70p -0.14%
    UK Equity Core Fund X B ACC 91.07p -0.58%
    UK Equity Focus Fund N B ACC 112.40p -0.27%

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