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  1. The efficiency effect

    How Shopify, Meta, Amazon and Block streamlined their operations to increase agility in the AI era.
    July 2024
    Podcast35 minutes
  2. Why emerging markets have changed

    Conditions are falling into place that could supercharge exceptional companies’ prospects.
    April 2024
    Podcast28 minutes
  3. The hunger for weight loss

    How anti-obesity drug Wegovy supercharged the growth of the world’s biggest insulin maker.
    February 2024
    Podcast27 minutes
  4. The 3 traits of great growth stocks

    Why real-world problem solving, financial discipline and adaptability are critical to growth.
    January 2024
    Podcast29 minutes
  5. How Amazon pioneered a new path

    The new wave of companies blending physical and digital processes together.
    December 2023
    Podcast27 minutes
  6. South-east Asia’s new export stars

    Unearthing growth companies in Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand.
    December 2023
    Podcast27 minutes
  7. Japan’s new growth opportunities

    Why it’s time to look again at the country’s transformed company landscape.
    November 2023
    Podcast21 minutes
  8. Growth investing across decades

    Mark Urquhart discusses the science and art of picking growth stocks with enduring potential.
    August 2023
    Podcast27 minutes
  9. Actual investing

    Stuart Dunbar reflects on Baillie Gifford’s long-term approach.
    June 2023
    Podcast25 minutes
  10. SAINTS: A 150-year-old trailblazer

    James Dow discusses the pioneering income-focused trust’s past, present and future.
    May 2023
    Podcast28 minutes
  11. The sustainability revolution

    Positive Change’s Kate Fox on thinking about the world in 2050 to spot opportunities today.
    April 2023
    Podcast17 minutes
  12. Why small is big in Japan

    Praveen Kumar on the lesser-known players thriving in the shadow of the country’s big brands.
    February 2023
    Podcast21 minutes
  13. What’s next for growth stocks?

    Baillie Gifford’s Dave Bujnowski explores the new engines powering progress.
    January 2023
    Podcast23 minutes
  14. AI: Frightening or fascinating?

    Investors discuss how AI software could transform healthcare, advertising, manufacturing and more.
    December 2022
    Podcast28 minutes
  15. Disrupting heart disease

    Rose Nguyen on the companies seeking to overcome the scourge of heart disease.
    November 2022
    Podcast24 minutes
  16. Why 'what if...' is the most vital question for investors

    Today’s outsized growth rarely follows a steady or predictable path, according to Kirsty Gibson of Baillie Gifford’s US Equities Team.
    October 2022
    Podcast16 minutes
  17. Why are Swedish companies world leaders?

    Sweden tops the charts for original thinking, from family businesses to founder-run companies.
    July 2022
    Podcast22 minutes
  18. How education escaped from the classroom

    Online courses have upended the economics of education, Thaiha Nguyen explains.
    May 2022
    Podcast21 minutes
  19. Why private companies matter more

    SpaceX, Epic Games and Stripe: the list of the unlisted continues to grow. How can investors benefit?
    March 2022
    Podcast21 minutes
  20. Growth or value: it’s not a black or white choice

    Operational performance is a better indicator of growth than inflation. Malcolm MacColl shares why.
    February 2022
    Podcast19 minutes
  21. Investing in Japan: what’s changed and what’s next

    Over four decades Japan has seen 21 prime ministers come and go. Exporters such as Toyota and Toshiba have flourished but the country has also struggled with debt and deflation. Matthew Brett, manager of The Baillie Gifford Japan Trust, discusses what’s next.
    November 2021
    Podcast17 minutes
  22. The responsible approach to ESG investing

    Is our approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues doing more harm than good? Stuart Dunbar, partner at Baillie Gifford, calls for investors to stop counting and start thinking.
    May 2021
    Podcast19 minutes
  23. Breaking the biotech model

    Could the messenger RNA vaccines deployed against Covid, help fight cancer and other diseases? After a year of crisis, Julia Angeles, co-manager of Baillie Gifford’s Health Innovation Fund, looks at the positive signs.
    April 2021
    Podcast15 minutes
  24. What I've learned In four decades of investing

    His career spanned big changes in investment – and in the fortunes of Baillie Gifford. Charles Plowden, joint senior partner and manager of Monks Investment Trust, looks at the opportunities ahead.
    March 2021
    Podcast17 minutes
  25. Sustainable investing: finding the innovative companies of the future

    Are there limits to economic growth? Will we run out of ideas? Investment manager Lee Qian explains why he’s confident innovation will create a more prosperous, sustainable and inclusive world.
    January 2021
    Podcast17 minutes
  26. How Covid is changing the way we shop

    The digital disruption of the high street accelerated during the pandemic. Baillie Gifford’s Moritz Sitte explores the innovative ways in which European retailers are reshaping the future of shopping.
    December 2020
    Podcast15 minutes
  27. The great divergence between east and west

    China has defied recession in 2020, but where to now? Investment manager Roderick Snell anticipates big things ahead.
    October 2020
    Podcast14 minutes
  28. Living longer: can we afford it

    More of us are living longer, staying healthier for longer and working for longer. What are the implications for investing and financing this longer life? Listen to Baillie Gifford’s Steven Hay to find out.
    September 2020
    Podcast14 minutes
  29. Tomorrow’s income aristocrats

    Income investing has been shaken by the coronavirus, but how will this affect the dividend payers of the future? Baillie Gifford investment manager James Dow gives us a glimpse of the potential star performers of tomorrow.
    June 2020
    Podcast15 minutes
  30. What’s the purpose of investing

    In our Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking podcast, Baillie Gifford partner Stuart Dunbar backs a return to the basics of investment.
    June 2020
    Podcast14 minutes
  31. Why this crisis favours growth stocks

    Growth stocks have generally fared better than value stocks during the coronavirus pandemic, helping Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust during the worst of the stock market falls. In our podcast series, Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking Baillie Gifford partner Tom Slater explains why.
    April 2020
    Podcast15 minutes
  32. Navigating a stock market crisis

    Scott Nisbet tells Malcolm Borthwick what he’s learnt from previous crises, why he’s staying calm and why now’s the time to read Albert Camus.
    March 2020
    Podcast17 minutes
  33. Reasons to be optimistic about emerging markets

    Investing in emerging markets is like Marmite. It divides opinion. Charles Plowden explains why he’s a fan in Baillie Gifford’s podcast Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking.
    December 2020
    Podcast16 minutes
  34. The beauty of Japanese cosmetics

    Investment manager, Praveen Kumar explains why the Japanese cosmetics industry is in a period of rapid growth and how it could be set to continue for the long term.
    November 2019
    Podcast15 minutes
  35. Finding Europe's hidden champions

    There are lots of reasons not to invest in Europe. Its economic growth is uninspiring and much of its stock index is made up of bureaucratic corporate dinosaurs. But beyond the negative headlines, there are still exciting investment opportunities to be found. They include potential tenbaggers – companies whose share price could increase ten-fold.
    September 2019
    Podcast16 minutes
  36. Space: the final investment frontier 

    Fifty years on from the first moon landing, entrepreneurs on the west coast of America are stepping up spending on space. To discuss how this new space race might impact investment, Malcolm Borthwick is joined by Luke Ward – space enthusiast and deputy manager of Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust and the Global Discovery Fund.
    June 2019
    Podcast15 minutes
  37. Will industrial biotech be the next manufacturing revolution

    Industrial biotech companies can already produce synthetic spider silk and plant-based burgers that taste like meat. Future possibilities include timber produced from yeast. In the latest episode of Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking, Kirsty Gibson tells Malcolm Borthwick why she's fascinated by the opportunities of industrial biotech and its enormous investment potential.
    June 2019
    Podcast16 minutes
  38. Fashion retailers: the impact of online shopping

    In the fourth episode of Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking, Malcolm Borthwick is joined by Milena Mileva to discuss how profound changes in consumer behaviour are changing the retail landscape both online and in bricks-and-mortar stores.
    May 2019
    Podcast18 minutes
  39. The differences between bond and equity investing

    In the third episode of Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking, Malcolm Borthwick is joined by Lucy Isles, joint manager of Baillie Gifford's High Yield Bond Fund. Listen to the podcast to find out the three key deciding factors when choosing resilient high yield bonds and how engagement with companies can differ for bond and equity investors.
    March 2019
    Podcast15 minutes
  40. Should income investors go global

    What are “the good, the bad and the unbelievably great” of global investing? In the second episode of Short Briefings on Long Term Thinking, Malcolm Borthwick is joined by James Dow to challenge the conventional wisdom that if you’re investing for a regular income you should stick with blue chip UK companies.
    February 2019
    Podcast14 minutes
  41. Why China?

    Investment Manager Roddy Snell, in conversation with Malcolm Borthwick, goes behind some recent lurid headlines to find out what's really happening with the Chinese economy.
    January 2019
    Podcast13 minutes