Diversity and inclusion

Do you aim high? Because at Baillie Gifford, we do. We aspire to be one of the most culturally and cognitively diverse investment management firms globally.

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Diversity doesn’t come from a workforce who all share the same background, but from what our different perspectives can bring to the table.
Andrew TelferManaging Partner

Our strength is our people

Who you are matters. We believe it is important to have an authentic approach to diversity, and that means taking meaningful actions, not box-ticking or making token gestures.

Do you want to know the values that guide us every day, defining the culture of our firm? One of the five principles directly relates to our diversity and inclusion (D&I) aspirations:

Our firm must be an engaging and progressive place to work.

This belief recognises that our strength is our people: our diverse perspectives, experiences and how we collaborate are fundamental to the firm. We encourage our people to be curious, innovative and forward-thinking. We have high standards and expectations, always holding ourselves and others to account.

Diversity and inclusion

Our D&I Report

We can always do better. So, you should expect what we do to alter as we grow, and our working practices adapt to a changing world.

The Diversity and Inclusion Group shared its first D&I report in May 2023. The report explains our approach to D&I and highlights our action plan and longer-term goals which are:

  • Attract, develop and retain talent
  • Create a culture where everyone feels safe, included and valued
  • Drive accountability across the firm

Fair pay reports

We actively seek to remove barriers and identify opportunities to help create a truly diverse and inclusive Baillie Gifford. The UK fair pay report covers our gender and ethnicity pay gaps and is an input into our wider-reaching D&I report.

UK Fair Pay Report 2023

We continue to improve on most metrics and are working hard to ensure the gender pay gap does not persist.

UK Fair Pay Report 2022

We continue to improve on most metrics and are working hard to ensure the gender pay gap does not persist.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

We introduced our ‘Future Ways of Working’ principles in 2021. We will continue monitoring their impact.

Diversity, inclusion and us

At the heart of our initiatives, you will find our people. Discover some of their stories and the steps we have taken to help them feel they belong.

Our employee networks

Created by our staff for our staff, each network has its own aims and objectives around a shared interest or lived experience. They work closely together and with the Diversity and Inclusion Group to improve our culture.

  • Armed Forces Network
  • BShe Network
  • LGBT+ Network
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Group
  • Multicultural Network
  • Neurodiversity Group
  • Working Families & Carers Network

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