Graduate programmes

Investment research

Investment research is about understanding where value lies. We look at opportunities from every angle and use creativity for in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis, working to find investments that will grow clients' funds over the long term.

Recruitment for 2024 programmes has now closed.

What do we look for?

We encourage applicants with a degree in any subject to apply for our Investment Research programme, as there's no one type of person we are looking for. You do not need to be a recent graduate, we are also looking for applicants who'd like to switch careers.

Inquiring minds

This is a programme (and a firm) where learning and development does not stop. That’s why it is vital that you have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and the humility to know how much you don’t yet know. You must be curious, open to ideas and interested in a wide range of subjects, even those you know little about.

Independent thinkers

Nobody here expects to be spoon-fed answers – you need to apply your imagination, supply the inspiration, and find your own information. Research should come naturally: helping you spot the trends before others do and distinguish the short-term noise from what really matters. If you’re a self-starter, ready to raise your hand and get involved then this could be the perfect fit for you.

Resilient individuals

It can take years of uncertainty before we see the results of our work. So, as well as careful consideration, it takes commitment and grit – putting the client and the firm first. And, when mistakes happen, you know it’s not the end of the world.

Our values

Our aim is to give you a balanced and fair representation of what it’s like to work in the Investment department at Baillie Gifford. To this end, we’ve shared our core values below. Under each value, we’ve asked relevant questions to help you consider whether Investment Research at Baillie Gifford is the right career choice for you.

Baillie Gifford

“We’re looking for people who can join the dots of seemingly unrelated topics to see where opportunity could lie.”


“I’m curious about the world and have a broad range of interests."

Our shared beliefs

These are the six principles that guide us every day, defining the culture of our firm. Two directly relate to our D&I aspirations. They are:

  • Our firm must be an engaging and progressive place to work
  • Our actions and behaviours should support society as a whole

We seek to set a positive example as an investor, an employer and within our communities. We aim to uphold and promote the highest standards and, in doing so, enhance the investment industry’s reputation.