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Investing across a range of asset classes. Whether we focus on growth or income, we seek to add value with long-term, active management.

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Why invest in balanced or multi-asset?

Our balanced portfolios invest in equities, bonds and cash, aiming to achieve long-term capital growth on your behalf. While bonds and cash can help dampen large share price moves, our balanced portfolios do not have volatility targets. 

Our multi-asset portfolios aim to give you attractive long-term returns but at a lower risk than solely investing in shares. They are diversified, including equities, fixed income and real assets with physical worth, such as real estate and infrastructure. 

How do we invest across asset classes?

Our balanced portfolios provide you access to our best regional equity and bond investment ideas, balanced by an allocation to cash. The approach is bottom-up, growth-oriented and long-term.

Our multi-asset growth portfolios reflect our views on the long-term return and risk characteristics of the different asset classes. The approach is top-down, macroeconomic and research-led.

Our multi-asset income portfolio combines asset-allocation experience and investment-selection skill to build a diversified global portfolio of our best income-generating ideas across eight asset classes.

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March 2024

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