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We strive to enhance our understanding of disruption and progress by exploring fresh perspectives. And by interviewing authors who inspire us, we can share their ideas with you.

Conversations with inquiring minds

  1. The elements behind everything

    Material World author Ed Conway shares insights on six commodities crucial to our progress.
    December 2023
  2. Exposing AI’s costs

    Prof Kate Crawford on artificial intelligence’s environmental and social impacts.
    October 2023
    Article4 minutes
  3. Shakespeare: Elizabethan entrepreneur

    How a book shedding new light on the life of the Bard won the ultimate non-fiction prize.
    September 2023
  4. Nuts and Bolts: engineering progress

    How seven small often overlooked inventions shape our lives in remarkable ways.
    July 2023
  5. The future of cybersecurity

    Veteran data security expert Mikko Hyppönen on cyberwarfare and AI’s challenge.
    March 2023
  6. Making sense of the metaverse

    Author Matthew Ball on the next-generation internet and the companies building its foundations.
    February 2023
  7. Chip War

    How semiconductors bring a competitive world together.
    December 2022
  8. Author interview: Closing the gap

    Sally Magnusson interviews Mary Ann Sieghart about her argument that bias can undermine professional women.
    November 2022
  9. Frames of mind

    Viktor Mayer-Schönberger discusses the human advantage of decision making in the age of big data.
    September 2022
  10. The storyteller: Tony Fadell

    After his book on succeeding in tech, the man behind the iPod and Nest is investing to solve climate change.
    September 2022
  11. The story of science retold

    It's wrong to credit a handful of western geniuses with revealing the secrets of the universe, according to James Poskett. The science historian introduces Alice Ross to the pioneers left out of our history books.
    June 2022
  12. Pioneering potter

    The V&A’s Tristram Hunt discusses how the 18th century entrepreneur crafted disruptive change.
    May 2022
  13. Cogs and monsters

    Virtual goods and the value of digital data pose unresolved challenges to economists, investors and regulators.
    May 2022
  14. An empire of addiction and pain

    Patrick Radden Keefe discusses his book about the Sackler family’s role in the US opioid crisis.
    April 2022
  15. Tribal knowledge

    Companies that hire anthropologists to get inside customers' minds would do better getting them to look at their own corporate behaviour, Gillian Tett tells Pádraig Belton.
    February 2022
  16. Living for the long term

    Australian philosopher Roman Krznaric talks about putting our descendants’ best interests above our own instant gratification.
    November 2021
  17. Blurring the boundaries of our identity

    The definition of what makes you who you are was once a simple matter. But as Tracey Follows explains to Pádraig Belton, big tech has encroached on our personal space.
    October 2021
  18. Exponential change: minding the gap

    Tech advances are outpacing older institutions’ ability to adapt, says author Azeem Azhar.
    September 2021
  19. Desert Island Discovery

    Carlo Rovelli wants to reconcile us to the unstable state of the universe, as first understood on a North Sea island a century ago. Kate Clanchy asks why.
    Carlo Rovelli
  20. Off the Page.

    Baillie Gifford has supported literary festivals for over 10 years with a goal of helping them to flourish. This reflects the value we place on these events and the work of the fascinating authors who appear at them.
    Full Year 2020
  21. We love great work that stands the test of time.

    As long-term supporters of literary festivals and events, we love authors and their work because it reminds us of how we work.
    May 2015
    Video1 minute

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