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Developed EAFE All Cap

We have three core beliefs: superior profit growth leads to outperformance; fundamental analysis enables exploitation of market inefficiencies and share prices reflect fundamentals over the long term.

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Consistent investment in growing companies

An international growth portfolio bringing together the best ideas from firmwide research. To perform better than the market you need to be different from it. We search across the market cap spectrum for a balance of growth, quality and resilience. 

International All Cap Q4 investment update

Investment specialists Katie Muir and Joe Faraday give an update on the ACWI ex US All Cap, EAFE Plus All Cap and Developed EAFE All Cap strategies covering Q4 2023.

Taking a long-term advantage

We look to invest in businesses that exhibit some combination of sustained, above-average growth and strong competitive advantage, such as superior profit margins or returns on invested capital.  

We believe that stock markets have a recurring tendency to under-appreciate the value of long-term compound growth. We aim to take advantage of this by investing with a minimum time horizon of five years in mind.

Embracing different types of growth

The strategy has a proud 30-year track record, following a consistent investment process. 

We invest in an eclectic mix of individual businesses and take great pride in drawing from firmwide research to bring the best ideas to the portfolio. 

The portfolio is tilted towards the lower end of the benchmark’s market cap range. We think this is a fertile hunting ground for focused, well-run growth companies. 

We are long-term in our approach and focused on identifying the structural growth drivers that could deliver strong returns for our clients over the coming decades.
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Explore our investment philosophy and the processes around how the team constructs the portfolio.

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