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Baillie Gifford manages and advises on equity, fixed-income and multi-asset portfolios for clients worldwide. You can explore our strategies using the filter options below.



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  1. Sunrise view of the three major bridges crossing the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry.

    ACWI ex US All Cap

    An international portfolio seeking long-term compounding, combining developed and emerging markets – with 30+ years of experience.
  2. Home on the hill of beautiful rice fields in Vietnam.

    Asia ex Japan

    A patient strategy in fast-paced markets. Embrace diverse growth opportunities in the hope of capitalising on inefficiencies.
  3. Aerial Photo Shots of Spring Blossom Bridge in Shenzhen, China.


    A diversified portfolio of 40-80 of the best growth companies in China, regardless of listing location, size or weight in an index.
  4. Scientist wearing protective equipment in a laboratory moving a tray of equipment.

    China A Shares

    A concentrated portfolio of 25-40 high-growth companies that are listed in China’s domestic market.
  5. Sunrise view of the three major bridges crossing the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry.

    Developed EAFE All Cap

    An international portfolio focused on long-term compound growth, exclusively investing in developed markets – with 30+ years of experience.
  6. Close up shot of abstract patterns made out of liquid ink.

    Diversified Growth

    Investment across a wide range of asset classes with the aim of achieving attractive long-term returns at lower risk than equities.
  7. An abstract image of swirling blurred orange, purple and pink light over a black background.

    Diversified Return

    We look to deliver attractive returns over the long term with reduced volatility, via a portfolio invested across a broad range of asset classes.
  8. Sunrise view of the three major bridges crossing the Firth of Forth at South Queensferry.

    EAFE Plus All Cap

    With exposure to emerging markets, this international portfolio with 30+ years’ experience seeks long-term growth.
  9. Aerial view of a boat sailing along the Yamuna river at sunset surrounded by seagulls along the coast in New Delhi, India.

    Emerging Markets All Cap

    Our longest-standing Global Emerging Markets portfolio, targeting the world’s best Emerging Market companies with a diversified approach.
  10. A cross-sea bridge in the fog at night in liaoning, China.

    Emerging Markets Concentrated Growth

    A highly concentrated Emerging Markets portfolio, our purest form of Emerging Markets stock-picking.
  11. Aerial view of people fishing in traditional outrigger boat in lake with cloud reflections from above in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.

    Emerging Markets ex China

    Seeking to provide exposure to the best Emerging Market opportunities outside of China, an increasingly common consideration for investors.
  12. An aerial view of Vietnamese women fishing with traditional nets in shallow water with their wooden boats nearby.

    Emerging Markets Leading Companies

    A more concentrated Global Emerging Markets portfolio of 35-60 stocks. Seeking strong opportunities to own for the long term.
  13. Colorful abstract of close up water with smooth waves.

    Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond

    Clear vision, diverse returns: Navigating emerging markets with a focus on optimising client outcomes.
  14. A view of three terraced houses by the canal side in Amsterdam.

    Europe ex UK

    Elevate your portfolio with Europe's outliers - exceptional companies with exciting potential.
  15. Texture of beautiful feather Blue Macaw bird close up line detail.

    European High Yield Bond

    Finding hidden potential in high-yield bonds - our diversified portfolios spotlight resilient companies with the potential to outperform in the long term.

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