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Emerging Markets Leading Companies

Emerging markets (EM) firms often have substantial opportunities and decades of growth ahead. We believe being selective is imperative to achieving superior results; the index is not the best reflection of future growth.

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A patient approach in impatient markets

A well-developed approach to investing in the developing world; which aims to help our clients benefit from powerful growth tailwinds. EM investors should be open-minded about where growth can come from. 

Emerging Markets Q4 investment update

Investment manager Mike Gush and investment specialist Andrew Keiller give an update on the Emerging Markets Leading Companies and Emerging Markets All Cap strategies covering Q4 2023.

Turning time to your advantage

We’ve been investing in emerging markets for decades. Our goal is to build strong relationships with like-minded clients. We know we can only do this if we deliver strong investment performance, net of costs, over the long term.  

The number of genuinely world-class companies in the emerging markets is growing and we feel very fortunate to be tasked with seeking these out. We must invest with patience and give good decisions time to prove themselves. 

Long-standing clients across the globe

We appreciate the under appreciated. And we believe there are three persistent inefficiencies that we are well-placed to exploit for our clients: 

  • Growth duration: many companies grow for much longer than expected 
  • Growth pace: many companies grow much faster than expected 
  • Growth surprise: many companies grow when it’s least expected 

Much of our process relies on the interplay of data, experience, educated creativity and probability. This does not necessarily lend itself to a matrix or a flowchart. 

In nearly 30 years, we have seen enough crises and shocks to know the future is uncertain. As investors our preference is always to embrace uncertainty rather than be paralysed by it.
Will SutcliffeHead of Emerging Markets, Partner

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