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Our clients

We take a long-term approach to growth in our efforts to provide you with a secure and sustainable future. Our clients range from pension schemes to sovereign wealth funds, plus local authorities, charities and corporations.

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Local authorities

Working with the Local Government Pension Scheme with the aim of delivering sustainable returns to help pay your members’ pensions. Your needs have evolved over the years, and we have evolved our investment offering and our client servicing to grow with you. 

Family offices

Managing assets for single- and multi-family offices worldwide. As an independent partnership dating back generations, we understand the importance of providing you with a long-term, sustainable investment approach.


Helping charities, foundations and endowments achieve their investment objectives – we aim to provide you with investment excellence, exceptional service and value for money. 

Defined contribution pensions

Offering solutions to enable your pension scheme members to prepare for retirement at every stage of their career, from the point they start investing to when they need financial security later in life.

Defined benefit pensions

Managing institutional pension schemes’ growth assets to help them deliver their members’ benefits. Our clients include some of the world’s largest private and public sector pension funds.

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Products to fit your choice of investment style, asset type, type of fund and geographic region.